Summer arrives but tragedy and change continues – By Kay Tiwari

Mahua Flowers - the flowers used for making central India's finest alcoholic nectar - Mahua (c) 2014
Mahua Flowers – the flowers used for making central India’s finest alcoholic nectar – Mahua (c) 2014

It’s now summer in Bandhavgarh. The Mahua is falling and the jungle in flower as the bamboo looses its green shroud and drying leaves litter the forest floor. Though the days remain hot and the night only just a little cooler it is unusually cloudy right now as the unseasonal threat of rain continues to hit central India.

It’s been a tough year so far with Tala unrecognizably quiet regarding its big cats and especially the tigers. Though it still offers all the history of this magical place and the beauty of it’s scenery few are interested in the animal treasures hidden deep away and pure chance to see. The prey base is certainly more settled than last season with little in the way of alarm calls ringing in the hills and the gaur too have calved again but for the visitor the tiger has become an elusive ghost.

Trya takes a long drink (c) Kay Tiwari
Trya takes a long drink (c) Kay Tiwari

It is said both Tulsi the Milchaini female and Jaya the Rajbehra female are about to litter, perhaps they already have. Sightings of these two tigresses have been few this season as they move alone their families either grown and moved out or sadly vanished. Jaya has been the lucky one with all her four surviving to separate and challenge for territory. Trya is seen frequently these days on the edge of her mother’s territory seemingly settling in between the Sukki Pattia tigress and her mother with Ondrila nestled close by too. She’s been seen in the company of several different males including O1 and her brother Johnno but these boys are wandering alone now avoiding conflict with older stronger males that search her out!

For Johnno, Murphy and Crumbie it’s a tough time as little is seen of these three now and it will be interesting where they might pop up next? We are all wondering which tigress has or will take Chakradhara, could it be one of these two sisters or perhaps Nalini has already claimed it? Some have seen a secretive tiger in Chakradhara claimed to be a tigress but Somanshu is also still around and being as elusive as any cat might be. He’s seen in Magdhi too but thought to make his way back to Chakradhara for a bit of peace and safety. Who ever this tiger is it will be a mystery revealed one day, the phantom of Chakradhara will one day be recognized!

As to the new male in Tala, Bamera’s nemesis, he’s hardly ever around let alone seen. It seems he’s done his business and gone home to Kalwah Range or has he? With Tulsi and Jaya pregnant and Wakeeta with cub in Banbehi there seems little reason to remain in Tala these days. Better to follow the young females in Magdhi! Certainly males are seen in Magdhi but neither this new boy known to some as Mangu or Chinkoo here or Jobhi  have been spotted in weeks if not months. At present it’s the two Mahaman brothers now three years old that have taken up the cause and are disturbing life in zone two. Both these boys are seen right up to Sukki Pattia and O2 has even been spotted disturbing the tigress Yoshila though she made short work of throwing him out. O2 is quite a character and has even thought to have tried his luck at mating with Y6 daughter of Yoshila, while O1 spends more time tracking Trya or following his mother Ondrila about around Mahaman.

Ondrila seen recently alone - Sighted evening after 5pm at Sukki Dam in Magdhi zone. Ondrila I9. (c) 2014
Ondrila seen recently alone – Sighted evening after 5pm at Sukki Dam in Magdhi zone. Ondrila I9. (c) 2014

As to Ondrila she’s been spending time with Bamera male, Shashi hidden away in the closed area. She seems content with his company though he still steals her kills and scraps take place. For poor Shashi times are tough but he’s still hanging on in there as seen on a video recently posted on TN facebook! Perhaps Ondrila is carrying his last ditched attempt at fathering cubs though the Khitauli male Tarun or Bheem is also seen crossing to Tala these days and may perhaps father her next litter? For sure Jobhi is not in the area recently and FD workers say the young male O1 was the last to be seen sharing a meal with Shashi, not literally but in the same area and in the knowledge of each other. Shashi is hardly old at approaching eleven so he’s in for more troubles no doubt if he can’t get rid of that terrible limp.

Shashi is not the only aging tiger being challenged for space right now either. Recently Indrani was spotted in Khitauli without cubs sadly (what has happened to them is a mystery?). She had made a cow kill, fully compensated thank goodness, but she is carrying a swollen fore paw which looks quite painful. I have a feeling this is a recurring old injury just as Shashi carries but she seems in control and at 13 years old it will be doubtful she will mother again so can feel content she just has herself to look after. Poor girl she has had a tough time since her partner Shaki/Bhoka’s departure I hope she can live out her old age safely somewhere. As a secretive tigress seeing her is a real treat one of the few old faces left, Tulsi being the next oldest tigress at 11 years of age. It’s sad to see the old faces disappear now this park changes its characters so often due to the sheer pressure for space!

While these old characters struggle it’s been heart warming to see both Yoshila in Magdhi and Haimi in Khitauli doing so well. For Haimi all her three cubs have survived the monsoon of last year and at around 16 months or more are doing really well. This tigress is a wonderful mother considering she has a territory greatly disturbed by villagers, a dream to spot though her cubs are really very shy even at this older age. This must be a product of living around human habitation no doubt. Yoshila has a new litter seen quite often now and growing fast. She has become Indian’s favourite tigress in Bandhavgarh for now as she in fact has the only litter of small cubs around in at present.

The reason for this is the sad news that Wakeeta in Banbehi lost one of her cubs in a snare set for meat poaching and a second has seemingly vanished! So Wakeeta has suffered losses yet again and is moving with just one small cub and though they are sometimes seen she is certainly keeping her diminished family close by her side and well hidden much of the time. If Tala and Bandhavgarh do have the patter of tiny feet echoing in the hills we all may have to wait till next season to glimpse new faces born to Tulsi and Jaya. Let’s hope Bandhavgarh is more settled now and that the continuing deaths are ended. Life goes on but in these beautiful hills it’s been too quiet for comfort and regeneration is greatly needed. It will come we just need to wait and keep our fingers crossed the wars of this big cat world are over, for a few years at least?

Credits: Tiger Nation 

Mala (Noor)


Age:5 years old (adult)
Name Meaning:Beaded Beauty
First seen:March 2009
Notable marks:She has bead-like markings on her side flanks



Mala (also known as the Sultanpur female) is a beautiful tigress who heralds from the sister of the great matriarch Machali, Grand Dame of Ranthmbhore. She is well known to visitors in the park – an extrovert just like her aunt. Her brother is a famous adventurer, having moved from Rajasthan to Madhya Pradesh of his own accord. She now has one cub called Sultan born in the summer 2012.

Know as Mala (Hindi for ‘necklace’) due to the decorative bead-like stripes on her flanks, she was born to the Sultanpur female T13. Growing up in Guda/Sultanpur, the southernmost part of the park, she was popular among tourists who enjoyed seeing her as a cub.

Soon after separating from her mother at the age of 2, her mother had another litter of two cubs with T12 who was soon after relocated to Sariska in 2010. As a result, Mala’s father’s territory fell vacant and Sultanpur (T24) took over. Now, her mother’s new litter was in danger, threatened by the new male who would try to kill her cubs. The new family left the area, allowing Mala to take over her mother’s territory under the domain of the Sultanpur male.

About the same time, Mala’s brother had vanished without a trace and it was not until sometime later that acamera trap in Kuno Palpur Sanctuary picked up an unknown male tiger. Through comparison of tiger stripe patterns, experts discovered that this mystery tiger was none other than her brother. He had made the dangerous journey over 100 miles, swimming the mighty Chambal river in the process. This discovery was great news for conservationists and the Forest Department – proof that this area still has a functioning wildlife corridor.

Mala has now given birth a single cub in her range and he has been named Sultan.

Do you have any further information or images on this tiger? Get in contact here.

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Machali give her the respect and dignity she deserves by Michael J Vickers


There is a proposal sent for approval to the National Tiger Conservation Authority in India for Ranthambhore’s well known tigress ‘Machali’ to be dispatched to a taxidermist then stuffed and displayed for visitors to see once she has died.   I have prepared a petition requesting the authorities to disallow this course of action.  In my opinion when the sad time comes and this wonderful old tigress passes away she should be cremated with the respect and dignity that she well deserves and in accordance with rules laid down by the NTCA.  Please sign this petition that already contains almost 3,000 signatures and encourage others to do the same.  Thank you. Michael 

Melani, the wonderful Tiger. Rest in peace Tigress Angel.


Melani showed us, never give up, even when everyone else wanted to. Rest now Tiger Angel, you will never be forgotten 

Melani rests in peace

Photo: Melani and Sybelle Foxcroft -Cee4Life
Photo: Melani and Sybelle Foxcroft -Cee4Life

Melani ❤  – The death of Melani has shocked the world, but please take comfort knowing that she was pain free, so very loved, and passed gently in her sleep xoxo Please read the following information xo

Melani – I have seen Melani’s autopsy this morning, without posting the graphic nature of it, I will say that she truly was a miracle tiger to have lived for as long as she did, not just because of the poisoning, but also because of the ailments she was born with at birth. To see exactly what was going on inside her body only makes this beautiful girl so much for incredible. The Vets are stunned at what was found. Maybe sometime in the future I will talk more about that. At this time I am grieving her loss. I want to thank everyone of you for your very kind and compassionate words, they are such a comfort to me and all those who loved her. I know exactly what she would say about this outpouring of love coming from all over the world, she would lower her pretty eyes, humbled, dignified yet humorous and full of love, give a lovely rub and say “Awww thankyou” and then do her little chuffs and talk with her singing voice. Im putting some film together of memorable moments that have never been seen. It might take a few days as Ive been crying all night and day and my eyes are very swollen atm. But my own little cats have not left my side.

As much as we all miss this gorgeous girl, her courageous gentle heart, it was her time to go. She did not suffer, there was no pain, she was taken gently and quickly as she slept. I am so glad that in the end it was like that, she deserved at peaceful cross over.

Melani will be remembered as a symbol of hope, courage, kindness, and her incredible capacity for love. This marvellous girl built bridges with people across every country in the world, her impact is immense and it is all because of she kind, gentle, graceful nature, and her ability to show such love and affection to the very species that hurt he so much.

In honour of this incredibly beautiful girl, I have done something where she will be remembered forever and bring hope forever, and will share that with you in a few days.

Remember her for the love she brought, her ability to reach into peoples hearts and make them love and have hope. She knew and felt every single persons love from across the world, trust me, she knew Again thankyou so much for all of your very kind words and comfort, it means a great deal to me. I will probably be a little quiet over the next few days as I am very upset. But I am also taking comfort in the irreplaceable memories of her, and the lessons that this gracious tiger taught me. One of them, love never dies xoxo

My comfort and support to all of you, I know how much so many of you loved her. I will be back soon with something special for Melani.

Much love to you all xoxo ~ Sybelle

Death of a youngster – Another Challenger? by Kay Tiwari

T8 on right with his mother Tulsi (c) 2014
T8 on right with his mother Tulsi (c) 2014

After the untimely death of Vijaya there are many who love Bandhavgarh, now spending hours mulling over concerns as to which tigress might take her space and the future of her one remaining cub. With little news forthcoming from the Forest Department these days it is very difficult to say anything concrete. It’s a game of wait and see as usual.

Tulsi with her three cubs in June 2013. One now missing and one dead. (c) Kay Tiwari
Tulsi with her three cubs in June 2013. One now missing and one dead. (c) Kay Tiwari

Also many are wondering which male tiger actually died back in July after a nasty fight. It was reported as a male cub of the Milchaini tigress, called Tulsi, but of the remaining two which is actually dead?  Is it T7 or T8?  T6 had already vanished earlier in the season, fate unknown, presumed killed in the continued male struggle that has hit Bandhavgarh.

Two brothers of the original three. Tulsi's sub adults in June 2014 (c) Kay Tiwari
Two brothers of the original three. Tulsi’s sub adults in June 2014 (c) Kay Tiwari

Neither male had been seen regularly during the season due to Tulsi’s continued cleverness in keeping her tribe well concealed. However when sightings were made a little of their individual characters were becoming apparent. T7, being less shy than his brother T8, was more curious and interested in the tourism attention of which T8 basically tried to ignore – as his mother so often does. For T7 the attention seemed fascinating. Both boys clung to their mother often walking close by her side rubbing up against her enjoying the security she offered. Never before with a litter had Tulsi kept her growing cubs so close. Even at 18 months of age she was reluctant in leaving them alone for long, feeling it necessary to keep the two remaining boys within her sights and high in the hills away from marauding young males travelling long distances from kill sights and moving her family regularly to secret places away from danger.

 Of course as the cubs grew older demands on their mother would have grown. Food would have been for ever on her agenda and therefore the constant fear of an unknown and unwelcome intruder at the table. Not only was Tulsi dealing with her own family struggles supplying food for the father of the cubs, presumed to be Shashi, she was also dealing with several youngsters. Pushpraj and his brother Kanvar who had caused her stress the previous season were continually following her in the hope of food. Somanshu, Vijaya’s son from Chakradhara on occasions made an entrance and the very fiery visitor from Magdhi, an complete unknown has recently turned up to add to the trauma.

T7's right flank. May 2014 (c) Kay Tiwari
T7’s right flank. May 2014 (c) Kay Tiwari

In fact it was this unpredictable male that by the end of the summer was regularly seen in Milchaini and many believe that it is this male that is now causing the chaos while Pushpraj has vanished from sight having been accused of decimating his mother Wakeeta’s second litter, his own step brothers and sister. At the same time Somanshu has holed up in the slightly more peaceful area of Chakradhara/Barua Nallah and Banbehi/Ghorademon. It is therefore being presumed the aggressive Magdhi male killed the cub in July or at least injured it during a fierce fight. Another story however reports that actually the elephant Astam killed the injured cub after it attacked from behind by applying pressure to its trachea when forcing it down by his trunk? The truth is we at TN will probably never know the true facts or the reality of which tigers were involved.

The jungles keep their secrets from prying eyes.

 Anyone have any other news?

Credits: Tiger Nation 


Vijaya – what happens now? by Akash Panchbudhe

Last Click of Vijaya - I got lucky to see this beautiful tigress just a day before the park was about to get closed for the monsoon, (c) 2014
Last Click of Vijaya – I got lucky to see this beautiful tigress just a day before the park was about to get closed for the monsoon, (c) 2014

By Akash Panchbudhe

We all are getting updates about the recent happening in the park, It is disappointing to know about the Tiger Attacks and Tiger’s death in central India.

As we all know about the great flora and fauna of Bandhvagarh National Park, we also know how much tigers are important to all the tiger reserve. With the news of tiger’s death,the question arises that how we are gonna reach our goal of saving them.

Apart from the wildlife and mythological importance of Bandhavgarh, it has got lot of attention because of its famous & interesting folklore of the Tigers like CHARGER, SITA AND B2.

One more tigress at present was gaining much attention. She was named KANKATI (Vijaya) , She got so much famed and got this name when she was being uniquely identified by the cut on her ear, but her ferocious act fighting with another tigress and killing her and eating her body parts, gave her a prominent personality status among st all the bandhavgarh wildlife loving fans. The folklore for this tigress has reached its conclusion with her reported death. After matching the strip pattern, dead body was identified as Kankati Tigress.

It was all almost for sure that the any local guide or any naturalist will tell about the life of Kankati to their guests,after listening about her everyone became curious to see her and gets curious to know more about her. Unfortunately we have now stories only to talk.

She left her 3 small cubs of around 5 month old, and in a search operation of finding the cubs, the forest guards found two cubs lying dead near to Chital Kill. One cub is still missing, Its a critical time for the cub to survive, as per the last practice in such kind of incidence, the forest department started the practice of raising the cubs in an enclosure, but to raise such a small cubs in an enclosure is a challenging task.

Death of Tigress Called Kankati

A Tiger body was discovered on the morning of 6th August lying behind the MPT Resort Compound, The body was decomposed and teared out from the left flank, It seemed from the initial investigation that the dead body was around 2-3 day old, postmortem team also reported that there were some injury marks on her body.

As we all know she was a bold and ferocious tigress in the reserve, the cause for the death is still uncertain, as its difficult to reach to a conclusion that which tiger would have done this?

Well the big thing is not the question that which tiger would have done this, the question is there anything which can be done to save the tigers from such incidence?

It has also happened in the past that the tigers inside the reserve died during the heavy monsoon period inside the reserve. Last year, (2013) close to the arrival of monsoon, the last litter of kankati (chakradhara female) lost her all the 3 cubs, one of the reason for the loss was the new male roaming in her territory, and might have killed the cubs as the cubs doesn’t belongs to the new male.

After this incident, Banvehi tigress (Wakeeta) of another region inside the park lost all her 4 cubs. 3 male cubs of another tigress are also facing a tough competition to establish their territories inside the park, Out of 4 lactating female in the Tala Rage, only Rajbahera tigress has successfully raised her litter of 4, which are now at the age of dispersal.

Overall the tiger activity in the Tala Range of the Reserve will be limited and we might miss the great sightings happened in the past.

So, now the most prime area of the park is not being used by the dominant tigers. Areas having most of tiger sighting in the past is now vacant..which ultimately gives opportunities for the transient tigers roaming inside the reserve to establish their new territories.

Hopes for improving the scenario is the female in different zones of bandhavgarh,

1. Sukhi Patiha Female (Yoshila) : 2 Female Cubs, now around 25 month old, These sub adults are now successfully hunting by themselves, and making their territory close to the mother’s territory in Magdhi Range.

2. Two Tigress in Khitauli Range : These 2 females with their 3-3 small cubs have been sighted on and off this summer. But the habitat in Khitauli range needs less of human disturbance and a healthier prey base to accommodate these two female to raise their litter.

3. 2 Tigress :Vanvehi Tigress (Wakeeta) & Rajbahera Tigress (Jaya) can bring up the joy of tiger cubs now in the Tala Range, as both females are now almost going by themselves, will be looking for the mates and may give birth to young ones in the upcoming winters or may be later.

But as the season starts, We may find our majestic meadow ” Chakradhara ” bit silent…

Its disappointing to know that such incidence are not good for the conservation, but will be interesting to see how the park authorities will make their plan of action to minimize the loss from such incidence in future.

Credits: Tiger Nation 

Vijaya’s new family – Goodbye for now by Kay Tiwari

Vijaya and her three cubs on the road (c) Shivang Mehta
Vijaya and her three cubs on the road (c) Shivang Mehta

Vijaya charmed everyone at the end of the season last week. She had made a small kill of a spotted deer in Chakradhara Meadow near several water sources but hidden amongst dense lush elephant grass, ideal cover for a tigress to stalk through, as unweary deer gather at the water’s edge. For several days Vijaya enjoyed her meal and even bought her three little ones to share the feast. They were hardly visible but for the movement of the tall grasses. Now and then the glimpse of an ear or tail as the tigress turned over in the grass to relieve a very full belly.

But the end of June was very hot and with no rain on offer by morning or late afternoon it was time to venture out for a drink. First Vijaya would slowly emerge from the grasses and settle near the edge of a clearing not far from a muddy waterhole. Here she would sit and carefully groom her gleaming golden coat before beckoning her family out. Ears pricked and softly calling to encourage the three to come Vijaya seemed confident and unconcerned at the attention she gathered around her. Slowly slowly out of the dense cover three little faces appear. The first to show its face is a bit unsure however and allows the second in line to approach and nuzzle it’s mother first. The third very shy and a wee bit frightened decides it’s its not the time yet to be too brave and vanishes back out of sight. Yesterday too the family had been seen. Two little ones coming forward into the clearing while the third tentative and snarling would not venture far.

Vijaya and her new small family in Chakradhara meadow (c) Kay Hassall Tiwari
Vijaya and her new small family in Chakradhara meadow (c) Kay Hassall Tiwari

Today, again Vijaya is ready to quench her thirst as two of her offspring stare out of cover. Suddenly Vijaya becomes very alert. She has noticed two patrolling staff on foot on the road hardly yards from where she and the cubs are sitting. This challenge is an unwelcome interruption and soon her cubs are hurrying back into the tall grasses. The tigress too turns and crouches low slinking off in a manner of a leopard rather than a dominant cat. Obviously people on foot are not welcome in Vijaya’s meadow. Minutes later Vijaya emerges again a few yards away and settles under a bamboo clump. It appears the cubs are close by behind a long and that mother wants the family to cross the road and head for the hills. Confident the jeep borne visitors watching are  of no concern, yet the patrolling staff want their bicycles and as a further Forest Officer on a motorbike enters the scene all three disturb the tigress once more and she heads off towards the Fort Plateau, her original plans now changed.

As the sun rises higher in the summer sky Vijaya and her family can be seen amongst the dry forest grasses heading towards a cool cave nestled on the hillside. Here they can rest in peace and the cubs can suckle milk. No one on foot will enter these dark cat coverted places for fear of attack. Here Vijaya and her little ones rest a while before returning to the meadow and the remains of the kill.

Sadly by the time we all see them again they will be nearly four months older and a lot bigger.

Lets hope they have a peaceful healthy monsoon and that all will be well in October.

Credits: Tiger Nation

MELANI UPDATE 11/07/2014 – Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

By Sybelle Foxcroft

Licking her lips. Photo: Cee4Life
Licking her lips. Photo: Cee4Life
Chuffing to her xo. Photo: Cee4Life
Chuffing to her xo. Photo: Cee4Life
And the yummy taste of Hills AD formula chuffed into my face with Melani spittle!!! yummy! lol. Photo: Cee4Life
And the yummy taste of Hills AD formula chuffed into my face with Melani spittle!!! yummy! lol. Photo: Cee4Life
Off to sleep beautiful girl xoxo
Off to sleep beautiful girl xoxo. Photo: Cee4Life

Melani – Thought I would show you a couple of funny pictures. Ive posted an album up with a few of these pics, but I left out a few. There’s so many funny pics of this darling girl, she is just a loving little thing xoxo
Ok so I was leaning up close to her and giving her chuffs and Melani was licking her lips after finishing her food.
She sits there so close and she is such a very gentle tiger. Honestly, I have to say that there are those in Surabaya Zoo that loved her so very much and they miss her, and there is no doubt in my mind about that as they have actually told me so. But they also know now how much aid and care she needed too. Although she was in a dreadful state when she was rehomed, I want to thank the ones in Surabaya Zoo that did love her very much and tried to help her xox.
Ok back on track again!
So Im there, giving kisses and chuffs, and she is licking her lips from her food. One of the staff at Taman Safari were taken photos of this for me. She leaned right into me and she always lowers her lovey face to mine, it is just beautiful. But then she levelled her head out in line with me about 2 inches from my face, and she gave the biggest chuff and all her lovely tiger breathe and spittle went all over me lolol Yep, I swallowed it and all
Lovely taste that Hills AD formula after being munched up in Melani’s mouth !!! lolol enjoy this lovely happy girl xoxo ~ Sybelle
If you can help us continue to give her the formulas and medicines she needs please go to our Paypal or Chuffed links on the left side of this page, or on our website, and for the UK residents you can also donate via the Charity Wildlife Calling but please make sure you write what the donation is for as WC supports other projects too. Thanks for anything xo

Credits:Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

Vijaya reveals her new family to the world by Kay Tiwari

Vijaya and her second litter of three cubs near Jumunia in the Tala Zone. (c) Imtiaz Khan
Vijaya and her second litter of three cubs near Jumunia in the Tala Zone. (c) Imtiaz Khan

It’s several weeks now since news of Vijaya’s second litter of cubs broke when they were spotted at Gopalpur crossing the road during the searing heat of an April day, following their proud mother to the safety of a cool cave. Since then they have been seen on a few occasions and even with the presence of Jobhi. Finally they have arrived to reveal three small bungles of fun under the ever vigilant presence of their mother’s caring eye.

It is not really known when they were born exactly or who the father truly is but does Jobhi’s huge presence now in Chakradhara and Sidh Baba offer a reasonable hint of parentage? The cubs though still small, no longer have their baby blue eyes or show the cuddlesome fluffy cute bodies of new borns, but the viewing has indicted that at least one cub is male. For this family the learning curve has already begun. After the troubles of Vijaya’s first litter if all three are to survive to adulthood, they must study well.

It’s early morning in Jumunia with temperature a cool 26 degrees celcius as the sun rises slowly in the west. A half consumed chital kill lies in damp cover nearby. Vijaya killed in the night and the whole family has already feasted well. Tiny stomachs take less than a kilo of meat but Vijaya herself looks well fed, content and untroubled.  She grooms her cubs with her long rasped tongue and they lovingly gather around under her watchful gaze.

Rising she steps out of cover into the open and again sits and looks longingly at her cubs to follow and perhaps suckle a while. However, suddenly patrolling staff appear on foot and disturb her intentions, causing her to retreat and head off towards the track beckoning her cubs to follow. Within second amongst the rustle of undergrowth three little bodies emerge and trot off behind the tigress hurrying to keep pace, their little legs at time fully extended.

Growing fast, Vijaya's cubs must be over three months old already. Notice the eyes are amber in colour not baby blue! (c) Imtiaz Khan
Growing fast, Vijaya’s cubs must be over three months old already. Notice the eyes are amber in colour not baby blue! (c) Imtiaz Khan

Mum does not glance back to check her family is following, this is not the first time she has moved her brood in daylight or human presence and she knows her cubs have learnt the need to keep her in their sights.

Credits: Tiger Nation