Tiger Temple – While we wait for the move of the Tigers (mid April) we would like to give you all some more information. by Behind the Cloak of Buddha – Cee4life

20828_812888968803124_4250637119747104610_nTiger Temple – While we wait for the move of the Tigers (mid April) we would like to give you all some more information.

One of the biggest excuses which has been used to keep all these Tigers at the Temple has been because of conservation. We all know that Tigers are going extinct across their range states due to poaching, wildlife trade, habit loss, prey species loss, human/animal conflict and disease.

Conservation means to preserve and protect. The conservation of Tigers means to preserve the pure genetics of the species, such as the Sumatran Tigers, the Bengals, the Indochinese, the Siberians, the Malayans, the South Chinese (however extinct in the wild). Each Tiger being not only physically different, but also genetically different. All unique.

Conservation does not mean that you can grab any Tiger you like and start breeding them. The Temple Tigers are cross bred hybrids or inbred. They have no idea what sub species they are, however most have got a bit of Bengal tiger in them with a possibility of just a few having a bit of Indochinese.

The truth is, when the Tiger Temple bought the original Tigers from the Laos Tiger farm, they didnt have a clue what they were getting, they just wanted 4 boys and 4 girls. Tiger Temple has claimed the original Tiger Mek was a Bengal Tiger. By careful examination of the photographs of Mek, he probably was a full Bengal, however he was terribly inbred. This inbreeding happened at the Laos Tiger farm, from where he was illegally cross boarder traded with Tiger Temple.

So, for all the people who “think” that all these Tigers in the Temple were bred for conservation purposes, that is the furthest thing that was actually happening. They were bred to entertain you and earn money before being callously discarded. The TT Tigers had a use by date….

Here is the original Mek, disappeared in late Dec 2005 early 2006, lost to the wildlife trade because “Laos wanted a breeding male” and they chose to have Mek back.
You can see the inbred traits of Mek, the short stocky legs and neck, small ears, big head.

Although he (and all the other Temple tigers) are not able to be classed as “conservation” tigers, they are all still beloved, still deserved to be loved and cared for at the highest levels. And certainly NOT to loose their lives because of corrupt deals cut by fake Monks and wildlife traders…..

Initially, there was only one picture of the original Tiger Mek, but after a great deal of searching, and some very wonderful members of the public who helped out, we collected quite a few and stripe ID’d him 100%. (Stripe ID is as reliable as DNA).
Here is one of the better photographs of this wonderful Tiger, that lost his life because of corruption and money.
Rest peacefully beautiful Mek xo
~ Cee4life

Melani Legacy Foundation – Cee4life

Mel Foundation pic smaller

Melani was a critically endangered Sumatran Tiger that was born into a captive environment in Indonesia. Melani became a victim of unethical care and severe animal welfare issues.  The result was that this beautiful Tiger was poisoned and later, as a result of the poisoning, she was unable to digest food, and Melani endured starvation.  A push by Cee4life and many other organisations and animal lovers around the world began in order  to bring urgent veterinary aid and rehome into a ethical environment.  As with most of the iconic animals facing extinction these days, Melani’s case became a political nightmare.  As the months ticked by, this beautiful Tigress held onto life, waiting.  After 18 months, the wait was over.  At the time of rescue, Melani was critically ill and she teetered on the edge of death.

After a 20 hour journey across Indonesia, she began her road to recovery in the intensive care Veterinary Hospital in Taman Safari in Bogor Indonesia.  Cee4life travelled to the Veterinary Hospital and began further support for her medical aid and needs.  Her recuperation was very slow as she had endured so much, but she had the will to live.

After 1 year of intensive care, Melani stepped outside into the sunshine and onto the grass again. Her joy at having little if any pain, and life was contagious.

Melani’s plight was covered by media worldwide and in effect she brought the world together in her plight. Melani defied the odds and lived to know joy, kindness and love. But it was her miraculous courage and demeanour, and her incredible ability to truely show great affection, love,  to human beings, that was extraordinary.

From the very close relationship developed between director of Cee4life, Sybelle Foxcroft, and Melani, unfolded an incredible tragic but stunningly beautiful story of endurance of a wonderful Tiger and the power of love for an animal. 

Melani passed away in August 2014, but left behind a never ending legacy of such grace in the face of horror, courage in the face of fear, and a bright shining love that filled every part of her body and touched every person that knew her or read about her.  

She was one of a kind, beloved and brave.

In honor of this beautiful Tiger, Cee4life has opened up our foundation in memory of Melani, her courage and endurance, and knowing that their are so many other animals out in the world that need help, just like Melani, and many people that need to have their humanity reawakened with education.

Melani’s Legacy Foundation – Cee4life is dedicated to environmental and wildlife education, ethical management and protection of both wild and captive animals, and humanitarian aid.

Thankyou for any support that you can give. Please go to this link for further details – http://cee4life.org/support.php

Never Give Up ~  Cee4life


Melani’s Star – Melani The Miracle Tiger

melani 1


Melani was one of the rarest of creatures that walked this earth because she possessed a “not of this earth” quality. She was so loving, so very gentle. When I would look into her eyes it was like looking into the face of love. Its always been so very hard for me to describe her because there are no words invented to really explain this amazing unique kind tiger. We all walked with her on her journey, we have laughed and cried, she lifted us all up with her strength and love of life. This week has been so very hard, tears falling all over the world for her loss. Yes she was most beloved in so many thousands if not millions of hearts. While she was here with us she gave us hope for her beautiful enduring spirit, her humour, her oh so beautiful affection and her dignified patience in the face of suffering.

The last time I sat with her she did something very different to me. Always she would play and rub and chuff, lay down and just be there for a while with me, but usually that would last for about 20 mins maximum and then she would get back up and walk around, rejoice in the sunshine, smell the grass and flowers, and look up at the birds in the nearby trees. But the last time, she stayed with me for nearly 2 hours. In that time, she rested her head against mine, her paw in my hand. She looked at me with such love directly into my eyes and deliberately held her gaze. I suddenly realised she was trying to tell me something. I caught my breath because her eyes said everything without saying a word. My dear girl was saying goodbye.. she knew… I said to her “Are you saying goodbye to me girl” I had to catch my breathe I did not want her go, not to leave. She lowered her eyes and gently looked at me, then laid her head in my hands.

I softly rubbed her pretty face, her nose, her eyes, my eyes welled with tears. As she began to fall asleep, her loving eyes would open and watch me again, I placed my hand on her paw and held on. I whispered softly to her, ” I love you dear beautiful melani. Please understand that you so very loved” She chuffed softly ♥

As the afternoon sun disappeared, I have to leave. “Bye bye girl, I will see you soon, I love you” She looked up at me and lowered her eyes as she did when you smiled.
When I walked away from her that last time as the sun went down, I got into the car to drive me back to my accommodation, but I stopped and said ” Let me go back just one more time to see her” So I got out and went back to her, there she was sleeping with such peace on her face. I did not disturb her, and I smiled at her with love. She was between our worlds, she was becoming a true angel.

These last days have really been so hard, as I know they have for all of you. But I have realised, it was time for her to go. As much as I or you wanted this wonderful loving soul to stay, she had to go. Her little body just had to stop….
We all miss so very much she was simply beautiful. ♥

For this very special girl who came into all our lives and reached into our hearts and gave up hope and sooooo much love, we have done something so you will always remember her with her incredible message of hope, endurance, kindness, courage, patience and love.

Look up into the stars, find the constellation of Leo. There we have had a star named after Melani. So when you are feeling alone, if you feel you are loosing hope, and if you feel without love, then look up, see her star and be filled with all the love and comfort that this wonderful tiger gave to us all.
Melani’s Star is star can be founda at Leo RA 11hrs 7mins 47 secs Degree’s 11, 37.
The stars name is “Melani – The Miracle Tiger”.

She will always be alive within out hearts, now she is truly in the heavens above xox I hope that this small gesture in honour of Melani comforts you all. I know Melani will want us to help as many beings as we can, so lets look forward and do whatever we can for all other animals that cross our lives. We will never forget you Melani, run free sweet tiger xoxo Thankyou for your love ♥ ~ Sybelle

melani 2 melani 3 melani 4


Credits: Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

Melani, the wonderful Tiger. Rest in peace Tigress Angel.


Melani showed us, never give up, even when everyone else wanted to. Rest now Tiger Angel, you will never be forgotten 

Melani rests in peace

Photo: Melani and Sybelle Foxcroft -Cee4Life
Photo: Melani and Sybelle Foxcroft -Cee4Life

Melani ❤  – The death of Melani has shocked the world, but please take comfort knowing that she was pain free, so very loved, and passed gently in her sleep xoxo Please read the following information xo

Melani – I have seen Melani’s autopsy this morning, without posting the graphic nature of it, I will say that she truly was a miracle tiger to have lived for as long as she did, not just because of the poisoning, but also because of the ailments she was born with at birth. To see exactly what was going on inside her body only makes this beautiful girl so much for incredible. The Vets are stunned at what was found. Maybe sometime in the future I will talk more about that. At this time I am grieving her loss. I want to thank everyone of you for your very kind and compassionate words, they are such a comfort to me and all those who loved her. I know exactly what she would say about this outpouring of love coming from all over the world, she would lower her pretty eyes, humbled, dignified yet humorous and full of love, give a lovely rub and say “Awww thankyou” and then do her little chuffs and talk with her singing voice. Im putting some film together of memorable moments that have never been seen. It might take a few days as Ive been crying all night and day and my eyes are very swollen atm. But my own little cats have not left my side.

As much as we all miss this gorgeous girl, her courageous gentle heart, it was her time to go. She did not suffer, there was no pain, she was taken gently and quickly as she slept. I am so glad that in the end it was like that, she deserved at peaceful cross over.

Melani will be remembered as a symbol of hope, courage, kindness, and her incredible capacity for love. This marvellous girl built bridges with people across every country in the world, her impact is immense and it is all because of she kind, gentle, graceful nature, and her ability to show such love and affection to the very species that hurt he so much.

In honour of this incredibly beautiful girl, I have done something where she will be remembered forever and bring hope forever, and will share that with you in a few days.

Remember her for the love she brought, her ability to reach into peoples hearts and make them love and have hope. She knew and felt every single persons love from across the world, trust me, she knew Again thankyou so much for all of your very kind words and comfort, it means a great deal to me. I will probably be a little quiet over the next few days as I am very upset. But I am also taking comfort in the irreplaceable memories of her, and the lessons that this gracious tiger taught me. One of them, love never dies xoxo

My comfort and support to all of you, I know how much so many of you loved her. I will be back soon with something special for Melani.

Much love to you all xoxo ~ Sybelle

MELANI UPDATE 11/07/2014 – Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

By Sybelle Foxcroft

Licking her lips. Photo: Cee4Life
Licking her lips. Photo: Cee4Life
Chuffing to her xo. Photo: Cee4Life
Chuffing to her xo. Photo: Cee4Life
And the yummy taste of Hills AD formula chuffed into my face with Melani spittle!!! yummy! lol. Photo: Cee4Life
And the yummy taste of Hills AD formula chuffed into my face with Melani spittle!!! yummy! lol. Photo: Cee4Life
Off to sleep beautiful girl xoxo
Off to sleep beautiful girl xoxo. Photo: Cee4Life

Melani – Thought I would show you a couple of funny pictures. Ive posted an album up with a few of these pics, but I left out a few. There’s so many funny pics of this darling girl, she is just a loving little thing xoxo
Ok so I was leaning up close to her and giving her chuffs and Melani was licking her lips after finishing her food.
She sits there so close and she is such a very gentle tiger. Honestly, I have to say that there are those in Surabaya Zoo that loved her so very much and they miss her, and there is no doubt in my mind about that as they have actually told me so. But they also know now how much aid and care she needed too. Although she was in a dreadful state when she was rehomed, I want to thank the ones in Surabaya Zoo that did love her very much and tried to help her xox.
Ok back on track again!
So Im there, giving kisses and chuffs, and she is licking her lips from her food. One of the staff at Taman Safari were taken photos of this for me. She leaned right into me and she always lowers her lovey face to mine, it is just beautiful. But then she levelled her head out in line with me about 2 inches from my face, and she gave the biggest chuff and all her lovely tiger breathe and spittle went all over me lolol Yep, I swallowed it and all
Lovely taste that Hills AD formula after being munched up in Melani’s mouth !!! lolol enjoy this lovely happy girl xoxo ~ Sybelle
If you can help us continue to give her the formulas and medicines she needs please go to our Paypal or Chuffed links on the left side of this page, or on our website www.cee4life.org, and for the UK residents you can also donate via the Charity Wildlife Calling www.wildlifecalling.org.uk but please make sure you write what the donation is for as WC supports other projects too. Thanks for anything xo

Credits:Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

Melani Update 22/06/2014 – Talking to Melani by Sybelle Foxcroft – Cee4Life


 Melani Update – Talking to Melani – I hope these words come out right. Its so hard to describe Melani in the way that she deserves. Here goes.

There are things in life that matter and there are things that don’t, but sometimes people just let the things that don’t matter over ride them. Putting aside what were learn as human beings on a day to day basis, or what human lives we have lived, when it comes to also having animals in our human lives you suddenly become aware that there is a great chasm inside of you that you never even knew was there.
If you open your heart, when an animal comes into your life you are suddenly taught new things and filled with things that were unteachable by a human being.
There are things that animals have taught me that I already knew such as only to care about what really matters, try and remain dignified, endurance under extreme negatives, and patience.
These things obviously can be learned in human life situations, but when you walk beside an animal or follow the life of an animal, all of those things (care about what really matters, dignity, endurance, patience etc) are taken to a higher level of understanding.
But then when you walk beside an injured or ailing animal, you go to an even deeper level of understanding of the meaning of endurance, dignity, patience, and what really matters. Suddenly you realise that there was a massive hole inside of you that you never ever knew existed, and it took a beautiful creature to unveil that missing part of your soul.
As touching and beautiful as humans can be, no human can show you that missing part, it is only an animal that can do that.
Yes, I promise you I am not crazy lol I am trying to explain a little about what beauty an animal holds, not just the outside appearance, but what is inside of them, if you only listen and open your heart.

Ive worked with a lot of animals over a lot of years. Rarely you come across a creature that possesses something different, nearly like a higher animal intellect of some kind. An extraordinary quality where they are equal if not more intelligent than a human. But the big difference is that even if they are more intelligent, they would never make you feel a lesser being. To them, you are you, and they except you for who you are. Unconditionally.

I helped raise a beautiful male Bengal tiger named Harnfa who possessed a higher extraordinary intelligence, I never thought I would meet another tiger like that in my life. Harnfa is amazing, protective, loving and has such deep emotions. I love him so.

But then came beautiful Melani, the desperately ill and suffering Sumatran tiger. I remember first seeing her covered in that black oily substance, wondering how could she actually have the will to live. She was so tiny, 47kg….

From the very beginning you could tell she was different. She possessed this rare and extraordinary quality. It is nearly indescribable. As Harnfa is the strong, brave, protective, enduring, loving Bengal boy, Melani was a frail, courageous, heart of gold, and will to live being. Both carried severe burdens inflicted on them by humans, both with the ability to recognise when a human was being kind. Some animals, especially tigers, cannot do that.

But here she was. I was never shocked or horrified at her frail appearance, from the very first moment I met her, my instinct was go to her and tell her how much she is loved and to hold on, that she is safe, and stroke her pretty face.

Over the past year, Melani has talked a lot to me and I to her. When she was very sick, her voice was softer but still full of love. She was in obvious pain but would over look that in order to chuff or give you a rub.
Sometimes I would be looking into her eyes and talking about something and then she would just close her eyes tight and flinch in pain. After the wave of pain passed, she would open her eyes again. I would say “are you ok girl” she would chuff. The poison had ravaged her and the medicines worked slowly.

So the conversations with me and Melani have ranged from me telling her how much she is loved, talking all about what ive been doing, many times there was no need to talk as I looked into her gentle eyes and she looked back. There was nothing that needed to be said, yet there were a million things being said at the same time, just in silence. I just held her paw or stroked her face.

The day that she had no more pain was a wonderful day.  She still behaved the same way except more animated and lively. She started to show more of her personality, the humorous side, the excited side, the very happy-to-have-her-food side!!!, and her affection, oh her affection.

How can I describe this…… hmmm When she was still very sick and in pain, Melani was always affectionate and loving, but she was not rubbing on you in a strong way, just gently. Now, her affection is very strong and rubs on you with strength and lots of mega chuffs  She pushes her head into my hands and loves the scratches around her ears and under her chin.

And the talks still go on, when we talk there is life and brightness in her voice now, gone is desperate sorrow and pain endurance conversations and times. Replaced by a tiger that just loves life and loves who she loves and shows it.

On this photo, she had been running (yes running) around her enclosure and into her pool and talking about all sorts of things. Then she got sleepy and I walked up with her where she laid down in the sunshine.
I was telling her thankyou for being alive, for her loving and affectionate soul, and I told her how very much I loved her, and how the whole world loves her. She was chuffing gently and those beautiful eyes just kept watching as her eyelids got heavier.

I told her that the world is a better place with her in it and thanked her for allowing me into her life.

But it was the unspoken words, the emotions, the knowing eyes that looked on with love, the movement of her paw reaching out, our hands/paw holding. That is the best moments. Unconditional love.

Her lovely eyes finally closed and she fell asleep in the sunshine, and the cover pic of this page, is the picture of her after this conversation we had.

No matter how much time this dear girl has on earth, I thank god she is was given to us, to know, to teach us about humanity, to teach us to be more kind, but also that animal is very capable of every emotion.

Love is Melani’s most outstanding quality. xoxox ~ Sybelle

Credits: Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

UPDATE 19/06/2014 – Machali and Cee4life In India

10346534_803822256303947_4089931212293125251_nMachli Will Be Safe and Protected for the Rest of Her Life – In May 2014 while director Sybelle Foxcroft was in Indonesia for Surabaya Zoo and Melani, we received a plea to help the iconic tigress Machli in India. We began to try to aid her immediately. The problem was that there were very well known tiger experts who disagreed with her being fed, although since 2011 she had been getting fed due to her loss of k9’s and Machli being so beloved around the world.
The claims as “it is natural to let her die she is a wild tiger not a pet” were just stupid. The moment humans stepped in and fed Machli, was the moment that the true natural process’s ended. To stop feeding her now was just cruel, inhumane and would likely cause Machli to still try to hunt and take down the easiest prey species in the world – a human being.

All scenarios of the “stop feed” were examined, and in both factual science and humanity and moral grounds, all scenarios equalled one thing – continue her protection until the very end.
So Sybelle went into fight for her, from Indonesia.
As Sybelle then crossed over to Thailand to go to the Tiger Temple to continue her 8 years of protection to her beloved tigers there, she fought for Machli. If anyone does not know of Sybelles work in the Tiger Temple it is highly recommended you read the book on this ( http://www.amazon.com/Behind-Cloak-Buddha-animal-endurance/dp/1442102020 ) then you will really understand the meaning of courage in the face of fear and intimidation.

Due to unrest in Thailand she was caught in a martial law take over of the country and then a coup. As the on ground reports intensified on Machli’s plight and the “stop feed” agenda, increased, Cee4life knew there was no other option but to take the fight head on.

As ridiculous as this sounds, to aid an animal like a tiger, becomes like walking through a gauntlet of explosives, while being set on fire with arrows being shot at you. The heat of whom you must deal with to get a tiger safe is intense, more like an inferno of hot lava being poured on you. All the vicious obstacles come out, and its not only ugly but also dangerous.

Sybelle made it through to the airport in Thailand through a country in severe unrest, threats of violence and military surrounding her.

On arrival in Australia, more reports on Machli came through via legal channels, the situation was desperate now. What goes on behind closed doors, is not what you will see in the media. Briefly, behind the scenes Machli’s case was chaotic with those uneducated people virtually demanding she be starved and seeing absolutely no logic of the repercussions if they did that, along with showing the reality of loss of humanity, and then those that were trying hard to protect her for life.

As we have always said, there is good and bad in every country/place in the world. Cee4life liaised with the good in India who fought for the humane and right thing to do for one of India’s last tigers.

On 24th May 2014, Sybelle placed a call to India to the highest authorities on the Tigers. She spoke at length about all the reasons why the “stop feed” was not the moral or natural or humane thing to do.
It was confirmed that immediately after that phone call a fax was sent to reinstate Machli’s suppliments. Within days, Machli food was reinstated. (Ironically those that were publicly attacking cee4life, were boasting about the photos they took of her being fed, and saying we did not have our facts straight. Little did they know the reason she was being fed…..or why they got their precious photos….)

But her ongoing feeding was not confirmed, she was still in peril because of the stupidity of those aligning themselves with intimidating well know names, for reasons that they will only know themselves, and preferring to let this glorious girl who has earned these very people trying to condemn her to a agonising death, $800 million in tourism dollars in her lifetime.

Claims “she wants to die” “she is a troubled soul” – all utter illogical as it was clear Machli certainly loved life and wanted to live.

Machli the Bengal Tigress of India, like Melani the Sumatran Tigress of Indonesia was being petitioned for death. Both by the hands of so called “experts” and others who dared not go against the “experts” because of their own lack of courage and moral fibre. What an utter sin. But this is exactly what some people are like.

Cee4life prepared to go straight to India and take Machli’s case to the highest level possible and aid this lovely girl. Without mentioning any names involved, the very highest levels of Indian Government were all contacted by Cee4life while legal action was in motion.

Why the hell must we fight so hard for an animal that is suffering?? Why must we time and time again, all over the world, have to reach to the highest levels to have permission to be humane to an animal? Should not that be a natural aspect of our own humane souls?

So, to cut a long story short.

We are very ecstatic to notify you, once again without naming names, We can 100% tell you now from yesterday, Machli the beautiful iconic life loving tigress of Ranthambore WILL be safe and protected all her days humanely and never again be under peril even from those that wish her food stopped.

Machli is safe now in this aspect (however due to knowing poachers are targeting Ranthambore and all the tigers of india, there is a great need for action in protecting the last 1000 or so tigers there)

We have already notified all our donators on this outcome yesterday who gave so generously to aid us in this urgent mission as we are a 100% transparent organisation and appreciate everything that everyone supports us with.

So, no matter how much adversity that you may come up against, don’t loose faith, and don’t allow yourself to crumble, because it could mean life or death for a beautiful being.

Machli will be protected now, forever cared for.

This time humanity won

Never Give Up – Cee4life

Photograph by Bobby Bhargawa

Machali and Cee4life In India

Machali and Cee4life In India – Due to our upcoming visit in a couple of weeks to India, we thought it would be good to share we everyone the work that we have done in India and for the last of the Bengal Tigers. We provide education to the public, private and government sectors on many conservation issues and aid with the rescue and rehabilitation of both wild and captive animals, specifically Tigers. Cee4life works in most of the SE Asian countries, and have aided in conservation situations in USA, Kenya and European areas. Machali is based in India, in Ranthambore, so I thought it would be good to recap some of the work with have done to help in India.

Photo: cee4life

In 2011 when we conducted the educational event Freedom Walk for the Tigers at Corbett National Park which was aided by Indian media, specifically NDTV. – http://cee4life.org/project&details.php?article_id=10
In 2012 we happened to be in a remote area where a Tigress had one of her four cubs hit and killed by a car. The mother Tigress attacked any random vehicle that passed by for the next week. No one went to aid her. So we did. Here is the film of that.- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG5dOxM2cis

And we support anti poaching teams in India and provide them with their needs. http://cee4life.org/humanitarian.php

In early 2014 we released the very controversial Bengal Tiger Death Count report of all Bengal deaths of 2013, in hope the severe impact of poachers of the glorious Bengal Tigers could hopefully be clearly seen and inspire more anti poaching teams to be implemented and trained in a highly tactical manner –

Photo: cee4life

The director of Cee4life, Sybelle Foxcroft, has been requested by a number of Indian tiger lovers and conservationists to come to Ranthambore and visit Machali as there is great concern about her well being due to the conflict in the decision to feed or not feed Machali.
After seeing the difficult but successful recent rescue and rehabilitation of a Tiger Cee4life assisted in saving, we have been contacted regarding the great concern for Machali – For your information here is the documentary which ABC Foreign Correspondent did with us on this http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2013/s3894606.htm

I hope you enjoy reading through the work that we have been doing over the years to try and aid the Indian Bengal Tigers, and we thank the Indian Media and Authorities for their support in all of this. ~ Cee4life

Credits: CEE4Life