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Melani was a critically endangered Sumatran Tiger that was born into a captive environment in Indonesia. Melani became a victim of unethical care and severe animal welfare issues.  The result was that this beautiful Tiger was poisoned and later, as a result of the poisoning, she was unable to digest food, and Melani endured starvation.  A push by Cee4life and many other organisations and animal lovers around the world began in order  to bring urgent veterinary aid and rehome into a ethical environment.  As with most of the iconic animals facing extinction these days, Melani’s case became a political nightmare.  As the months ticked by, this beautiful Tigress held onto life, waiting.  After 18 months, the wait was over.  At the time of rescue, Melani was critically ill and she teetered on the edge of death.

After a 20 hour journey across Indonesia, she began her road to recovery in the intensive care Veterinary Hospital in Taman Safari in Bogor Indonesia.  Cee4life travelled to the Veterinary Hospital and began further support for her medical aid and needs.  Her recuperation was very slow as she had endured so much, but she had the will to live.

After 1 year of intensive care, Melani stepped outside into the sunshine and onto the grass again. Her joy at having little if any pain, and life was contagious.

Melani’s plight was covered by media worldwide and in effect she brought the world together in her plight. Melani defied the odds and lived to know joy, kindness and love. But it was her miraculous courage and demeanour, and her incredible ability to truely show great affection, love,  to human beings, that was extraordinary.

From the very close relationship developed between director of Cee4life, Sybelle Foxcroft, and Melani, unfolded an incredible tragic but stunningly beautiful story of endurance of a wonderful Tiger and the power of love for an animal. 

Melani passed away in August 2014, but left behind a never ending legacy of such grace in the face of horror, courage in the face of fear, and a bright shining love that filled every part of her body and touched every person that knew her or read about her.  

She was one of a kind, beloved and brave.

In honor of this beautiful Tiger, Cee4life has opened up our foundation in memory of Melani, her courage and endurance, and knowing that their are so many other animals out in the world that need help, just like Melani, and many people that need to have their humanity reawakened with education.

Melani’s Legacy Foundation – Cee4life is dedicated to environmental and wildlife education, ethical management and protection of both wild and captive animals, and humanitarian aid.

Thankyou for any support that you can give. Please go to this link for further details –

Never Give Up ~  Cee4life


Melani’s Star – Melani The Miracle Tiger

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Melani was one of the rarest of creatures that walked this earth because she possessed a “not of this earth” quality. She was so loving, so very gentle. When I would look into her eyes it was like looking into the face of love. Its always been so very hard for me to describe her because there are no words invented to really explain this amazing unique kind tiger. We all walked with her on her journey, we have laughed and cried, she lifted us all up with her strength and love of life. This week has been so very hard, tears falling all over the world for her loss. Yes she was most beloved in so many thousands if not millions of hearts. While she was here with us she gave us hope for her beautiful enduring spirit, her humour, her oh so beautiful affection and her dignified patience in the face of suffering.

The last time I sat with her she did something very different to me. Always she would play and rub and chuff, lay down and just be there for a while with me, but usually that would last for about 20 mins maximum and then she would get back up and walk around, rejoice in the sunshine, smell the grass and flowers, and look up at the birds in the nearby trees. But the last time, she stayed with me for nearly 2 hours. In that time, she rested her head against mine, her paw in my hand. She looked at me with such love directly into my eyes and deliberately held her gaze. I suddenly realised she was trying to tell me something. I caught my breath because her eyes said everything without saying a word. My dear girl was saying goodbye.. she knew… I said to her “Are you saying goodbye to me girl” I had to catch my breathe I did not want her go, not to leave. She lowered her eyes and gently looked at me, then laid her head in my hands.

I softly rubbed her pretty face, her nose, her eyes, my eyes welled with tears. As she began to fall asleep, her loving eyes would open and watch me again, I placed my hand on her paw and held on. I whispered softly to her, ” I love you dear beautiful melani. Please understand that you so very loved” She chuffed softly ♥

As the afternoon sun disappeared, I have to leave. “Bye bye girl, I will see you soon, I love you” She looked up at me and lowered her eyes as she did when you smiled.
When I walked away from her that last time as the sun went down, I got into the car to drive me back to my accommodation, but I stopped and said ” Let me go back just one more time to see her” So I got out and went back to her, there she was sleeping with such peace on her face. I did not disturb her, and I smiled at her with love. She was between our worlds, she was becoming a true angel.

These last days have really been so hard, as I know they have for all of you. But I have realised, it was time for her to go. As much as I or you wanted this wonderful loving soul to stay, she had to go. Her little body just had to stop….
We all miss so very much she was simply beautiful. ♥

For this very special girl who came into all our lives and reached into our hearts and gave up hope and sooooo much love, we have done something so you will always remember her with her incredible message of hope, endurance, kindness, courage, patience and love.

Look up into the stars, find the constellation of Leo. There we have had a star named after Melani. So when you are feeling alone, if you feel you are loosing hope, and if you feel without love, then look up, see her star and be filled with all the love and comfort that this wonderful tiger gave to us all.
Melani’s Star is star can be founda at Leo RA 11hrs 7mins 47 secs Degree’s 11, 37.
The stars name is “Melani – The Miracle Tiger”.

She will always be alive within out hearts, now she is truly in the heavens above xox I hope that this small gesture in honour of Melani comforts you all. I know Melani will want us to help as many beings as we can, so lets look forward and do whatever we can for all other animals that cross our lives. We will never forget you Melani, run free sweet tiger xoxo Thankyou for your love ♥ ~ Sybelle

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Credits: Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

Melani, the wonderful Tiger. Rest in peace Tigress Angel.


Melani showed us, never give up, even when everyone else wanted to. Rest now Tiger Angel, you will never be forgotten 

Melani rests in peace

Photo: Melani and Sybelle Foxcroft -Cee4Life
Photo: Melani and Sybelle Foxcroft -Cee4Life

Melani ❤  – The death of Melani has shocked the world, but please take comfort knowing that she was pain free, so very loved, and passed gently in her sleep xoxo Please read the following information xo

Melani – I have seen Melani’s autopsy this morning, without posting the graphic nature of it, I will say that she truly was a miracle tiger to have lived for as long as she did, not just because of the poisoning, but also because of the ailments she was born with at birth. To see exactly what was going on inside her body only makes this beautiful girl so much for incredible. The Vets are stunned at what was found. Maybe sometime in the future I will talk more about that. At this time I am grieving her loss. I want to thank everyone of you for your very kind and compassionate words, they are such a comfort to me and all those who loved her. I know exactly what she would say about this outpouring of love coming from all over the world, she would lower her pretty eyes, humbled, dignified yet humorous and full of love, give a lovely rub and say “Awww thankyou” and then do her little chuffs and talk with her singing voice. Im putting some film together of memorable moments that have never been seen. It might take a few days as Ive been crying all night and day and my eyes are very swollen atm. But my own little cats have not left my side.

As much as we all miss this gorgeous girl, her courageous gentle heart, it was her time to go. She did not suffer, there was no pain, she was taken gently and quickly as she slept. I am so glad that in the end it was like that, she deserved at peaceful cross over.

Melani will be remembered as a symbol of hope, courage, kindness, and her incredible capacity for love. This marvellous girl built bridges with people across every country in the world, her impact is immense and it is all because of she kind, gentle, graceful nature, and her ability to show such love and affection to the very species that hurt he so much.

In honour of this incredibly beautiful girl, I have done something where she will be remembered forever and bring hope forever, and will share that with you in a few days.

Remember her for the love she brought, her ability to reach into peoples hearts and make them love and have hope. She knew and felt every single persons love from across the world, trust me, she knew Again thankyou so much for all of your very kind words and comfort, it means a great deal to me. I will probably be a little quiet over the next few days as I am very upset. But I am also taking comfort in the irreplaceable memories of her, and the lessons that this gracious tiger taught me. One of them, love never dies xoxo

My comfort and support to all of you, I know how much so many of you loved her. I will be back soon with something special for Melani.

Much love to you all xoxo ~ Sybelle

MELANI UPDATE 11/07/2014 – Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

By Sybelle Foxcroft

Licking her lips. Photo: Cee4Life
Licking her lips. Photo: Cee4Life
Chuffing to her xo. Photo: Cee4Life
Chuffing to her xo. Photo: Cee4Life
And the yummy taste of Hills AD formula chuffed into my face with Melani spittle!!! yummy! lol. Photo: Cee4Life
And the yummy taste of Hills AD formula chuffed into my face with Melani spittle!!! yummy! lol. Photo: Cee4Life
Off to sleep beautiful girl xoxo
Off to sleep beautiful girl xoxo. Photo: Cee4Life

Melani – Thought I would show you a couple of funny pictures. Ive posted an album up with a few of these pics, but I left out a few. There’s so many funny pics of this darling girl, she is just a loving little thing xoxo
Ok so I was leaning up close to her and giving her chuffs and Melani was licking her lips after finishing her food.
She sits there so close and she is such a very gentle tiger. Honestly, I have to say that there are those in Surabaya Zoo that loved her so very much and they miss her, and there is no doubt in my mind about that as they have actually told me so. But they also know now how much aid and care she needed too. Although she was in a dreadful state when she was rehomed, I want to thank the ones in Surabaya Zoo that did love her very much and tried to help her xox.
Ok back on track again!
So Im there, giving kisses and chuffs, and she is licking her lips from her food. One of the staff at Taman Safari were taken photos of this for me. She leaned right into me and she always lowers her lovey face to mine, it is just beautiful. But then she levelled her head out in line with me about 2 inches from my face, and she gave the biggest chuff and all her lovely tiger breathe and spittle went all over me lolol Yep, I swallowed it and all
Lovely taste that Hills AD formula after being munched up in Melani’s mouth !!! lolol enjoy this lovely happy girl xoxo ~ Sybelle
If you can help us continue to give her the formulas and medicines she needs please go to our Paypal or Chuffed links on the left side of this page, or on our website, and for the UK residents you can also donate via the Charity Wildlife Calling but please make sure you write what the donation is for as WC supports other projects too. Thanks for anything xo

Credits:Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

Melani Update 22/06/2014 – Talking to Melani by Sybelle Foxcroft – Cee4Life


 Melani Update – Talking to Melani – I hope these words come out right. Its so hard to describe Melani in the way that she deserves. Here goes.

There are things in life that matter and there are things that don’t, but sometimes people just let the things that don’t matter over ride them. Putting aside what were learn as human beings on a day to day basis, or what human lives we have lived, when it comes to also having animals in our human lives you suddenly become aware that there is a great chasm inside of you that you never even knew was there.
If you open your heart, when an animal comes into your life you are suddenly taught new things and filled with things that were unteachable by a human being.
There are things that animals have taught me that I already knew such as only to care about what really matters, try and remain dignified, endurance under extreme negatives, and patience.
These things obviously can be learned in human life situations, but when you walk beside an animal or follow the life of an animal, all of those things (care about what really matters, dignity, endurance, patience etc) are taken to a higher level of understanding.
But then when you walk beside an injured or ailing animal, you go to an even deeper level of understanding of the meaning of endurance, dignity, patience, and what really matters. Suddenly you realise that there was a massive hole inside of you that you never ever knew existed, and it took a beautiful creature to unveil that missing part of your soul.
As touching and beautiful as humans can be, no human can show you that missing part, it is only an animal that can do that.
Yes, I promise you I am not crazy lol I am trying to explain a little about what beauty an animal holds, not just the outside appearance, but what is inside of them, if you only listen and open your heart.

Ive worked with a lot of animals over a lot of years. Rarely you come across a creature that possesses something different, nearly like a higher animal intellect of some kind. An extraordinary quality where they are equal if not more intelligent than a human. But the big difference is that even if they are more intelligent, they would never make you feel a lesser being. To them, you are you, and they except you for who you are. Unconditionally.

I helped raise a beautiful male Bengal tiger named Harnfa who possessed a higher extraordinary intelligence, I never thought I would meet another tiger like that in my life. Harnfa is amazing, protective, loving and has such deep emotions. I love him so.

But then came beautiful Melani, the desperately ill and suffering Sumatran tiger. I remember first seeing her covered in that black oily substance, wondering how could she actually have the will to live. She was so tiny, 47kg….

From the very beginning you could tell she was different. She possessed this rare and extraordinary quality. It is nearly indescribable. As Harnfa is the strong, brave, protective, enduring, loving Bengal boy, Melani was a frail, courageous, heart of gold, and will to live being. Both carried severe burdens inflicted on them by humans, both with the ability to recognise when a human was being kind. Some animals, especially tigers, cannot do that.

But here she was. I was never shocked or horrified at her frail appearance, from the very first moment I met her, my instinct was go to her and tell her how much she is loved and to hold on, that she is safe, and stroke her pretty face.

Over the past year, Melani has talked a lot to me and I to her. When she was very sick, her voice was softer but still full of love. She was in obvious pain but would over look that in order to chuff or give you a rub.
Sometimes I would be looking into her eyes and talking about something and then she would just close her eyes tight and flinch in pain. After the wave of pain passed, she would open her eyes again. I would say “are you ok girl” she would chuff. The poison had ravaged her and the medicines worked slowly.

So the conversations with me and Melani have ranged from me telling her how much she is loved, talking all about what ive been doing, many times there was no need to talk as I looked into her gentle eyes and she looked back. There was nothing that needed to be said, yet there were a million things being said at the same time, just in silence. I just held her paw or stroked her face.

The day that she had no more pain was a wonderful day.  She still behaved the same way except more animated and lively. She started to show more of her personality, the humorous side, the excited side, the very happy-to-have-her-food side!!!, and her affection, oh her affection.

How can I describe this…… hmmm When she was still very sick and in pain, Melani was always affectionate and loving, but she was not rubbing on you in a strong way, just gently. Now, her affection is very strong and rubs on you with strength and lots of mega chuffs  She pushes her head into my hands and loves the scratches around her ears and under her chin.

And the talks still go on, when we talk there is life and brightness in her voice now, gone is desperate sorrow and pain endurance conversations and times. Replaced by a tiger that just loves life and loves who she loves and shows it.

On this photo, she had been running (yes running) around her enclosure and into her pool and talking about all sorts of things. Then she got sleepy and I walked up with her where she laid down in the sunshine.
I was telling her thankyou for being alive, for her loving and affectionate soul, and I told her how very much I loved her, and how the whole world loves her. She was chuffing gently and those beautiful eyes just kept watching as her eyelids got heavier.

I told her that the world is a better place with her in it and thanked her for allowing me into her life.

But it was the unspoken words, the emotions, the knowing eyes that looked on with love, the movement of her paw reaching out, our hands/paw holding. That is the best moments. Unconditional love.

Her lovely eyes finally closed and she fell asleep in the sunshine, and the cover pic of this page, is the picture of her after this conversation we had.

No matter how much time this dear girl has on earth, I thank god she is was given to us, to know, to teach us about humanity, to teach us to be more kind, but also that animal is very capable of every emotion.

Love is Melani’s most outstanding quality. xoxox ~ Sybelle

Credits: Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

Melani Update – May 2014 Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

Melani’s unique stripes – For those that are unaware, no two Tigers in the world have the same stripes. Like Zebra’s, at first glance they may appear to be the same but the fact is they are not. Each Tiger has it’s very own unique stripe pattern. This is the way Tiger Experts & Tiger Lovers tell each Tiger apart, by their stripe pattern. Now, on & off since Melani was transferred to Taman Safari Bogor there have been the odd comments posted here that the pictures of Melani we post are not Melani. They say that Melani died a year ago and was never taken to Taman Safari Bogor and we are misleading you, our supporters. So I have done a ‘Stripe ID’ for you all to see that in fact, the Melani that is currently at Taman Safari Bogor is indeed the same Tiger known as Melani that was kept at Surabaya Zoo before her transfer in June 2013. The pictures on the left are ours, the pictures on the right have been visible through social media before Melani’s transfer.
So in ending, to the person/s that has sadly been quoted as an ‘animal expert’, please go do the professional thing and do a Tiger stripe ID on any pics you may find of Melani and please stop trying to cause negatives in the media.
And to our supporters, you all can now ‘Stripe ID’ a Tiger like the experts  ~ Donna


Melani Update – May 2014 – Now that i have better internet, I thought I would update a little more on Melani.

I hope everyone is very happy to see that Melani is outside  Im sure you all are

For those that are new and dont know, Melani was inside Surabaya Zoo and had been fed formaldehyde tainted meat which poisoned her. 3 other tigers ate that meat, they all died. Melani somehow survived, but she needed intense care. She was not getting that care and she had to be rehomed to Taman Safari in Bogor in June 2013. For nearly the last year, she has undergone intensive care and rehabilitation.
The sad thing about Melani is that the poison froze and damaged nearly all of her internal organs. Most are functioning now, but her ability to absorb food is nearly gone.
That is why she is a little tiger. She will never be much bigger than what you see now.
Having said that, she is pain free, content, happy and oh so very very loving


Melani is probably the sweetest tiger in world  I have met and worked with many tigers, wild and captive, and Melani is so very special.
She simply does not bite and she is so full of love and affection. It is quite an amazing thing, one of a kind xo
Maybe one day I will walk inside and hug her without the bars, maybe.
But as Melani has spent a lifetime of being touched and abused by humans, she is given the freedom and love and respect that she deserved so very long ago. She is free to do what she wants now.
But wonderfully and with such undying beauty, this girl chooses to come to the ones she loves and trusts. I am humbled beyond words the she chooses me as part of her family. I thank God every day for my dear dear tiger sister/daughter/mother/teacher, my beautiful Tiger friend xo (One day I will say more about this, but this beautiful girl has healed me a great deal)


And we all can learn lessons from animals, you only have to open your heart and you will find an enormous intelligence inside of these living beings.

With Melani, she has been through such horror and hell, such pain, but through it all her extraordinary positive soul, full of love has always remained.

How did this lovely girl become this way? Why does she love? and how can she love humans, the very species that hurt her so?

Melani’s history is very telling. She was born in Surabaya Zoo, the only cub of a mum who rejected her, and she was then hand raised. Melani is nearly 16 years old now, just a couple more days until her birthday  But, she was born in Surabaya zoo when everything was ok, for 8 years she was loved and cared for inside of there. Surabaya was not always what it became. Everything went wrong in Surabaya Zoo about 8 years ago, because of human infighting and internal conflict, and lining pockets with $$ instead of doing the best for the animals.

So Melani was very loved, and in fact she used to be walked around in public at SZ. Some times Tigers (and other animals) that are brought up with humans turn too aggressive or become so strong that they are taken off public duties or viewing.

That didnt happen with Melani, although her “walking in public” ceased when she was about 4 years old, she still was outside in public view, in a grassed area and sunshine. But then the horror happened when she turned about 10. After funds were being directed into peoples pockets, the quality of the animals food was sub standard. Cheap meats were bought, and horrifically the formaldehyde meat was fed to the tigers. Bad staff smothered SZ…..

Melani struggled. She watched her tiger companions die one after the other. Then in 2011, she was taken off public viewing because of her terrible condition. She was locked inside a dungeon, with no sun, no grass… She struggled and fought to live.

From the years 2011 – 2013, Melani had one saviour in SZ, and that was Government appointed team that was fixing the zoo at the time. One Dr cared for Melani and aided her, keeping her alive with medicines and care. But off course she needed intense care. Melani began to reject her food in early 2013 because she was so sick. She could not get the care she needed.

She began to starve to death.

The world cried out for this girl. Through the combined efforts of public petitions, very good people within Indonesia, and Cee4life, we got her out. Its been a long road for her to be able to walk into the sunshine and grass again.

Taman Safari is in Bogor Indonesia and it is known as the rain city, it rains every day!!

Because of Melani’s weak health, she could not be allowed outside for fear she would contract pneumonia from the cold wet weather. She struggled on.

I remember in the early days, the pain that this girl endured…. well, no human could endure that. She was 47kg (healthy sumatran girls are about 85kg – 130kg)… and she was in severe pain.
Those dear eyes looking into mine, longing for the pain to end. All I could do was hold her. She never stopped her love, even in the most darkest hours. xoxo this dear girl, I think that she comforted me more than i comforted her. my heart was breaking and hurt so much for her, and she just looked at me and chuffed and gently rubbed her head on me… oh I felt like a useless human being then.. How could she muster up that comfort to me when she was in agony xoxox
The wonderful Vets that worked on her and designed her care program and the staff that rotated 24/7 for months to keep her alive.

Then one day she had no pain  and she stood up

She has no pain now, and still the very loving and affectionate character/soul that Melani has always been, is only enhanced now that she is feeling good

As I watched her and talked to her in the sunshine and grass again, I could not help but wonder how many years this dear little girl has left, but whatever it is, she has taught so many people the meaning of endurance and love.
How many people do you know that could never be angry when in such prolonged horror circumstances or pain? Not many.

We should all be humbled and grateful this girl exists. xo

The grace of Melani is astounding, the love is overflowing, this gentle Tiger is a miracle.

We all must see and learn from Melani’s story, a Tiger that has crossed the boundaries of love the world over, a Tiger who has brought together people from all over the world and made us all feel, understand, love. A Tiger who opened the doors for the human race to communicate with each other, to unite across the world, no matter what race, religion, colour we all are.

When you think of what this little girl has done, we should all be so very humbled that she exists on our earth. In such days where there is much horror and anger, Melani walked into our lives and built bridges of peace, communication and love. That is a marvellous and extraordinary being

Please always remember the lessons taught by this lovely Tiger girl xo


Melani is still going well, but she still needs her vigilant care. xo

As I sit with her, I know that she is an angel. There is no doubt about that, this perfect loving soul, just happy to be alive and so very giving of her love.

There is a quote by Anatole France “Until one has loved an animal a part of ones soul remains unawakened”. That is so true.
Lets keep walking forward on this journey with this Tiger angel, no matter where it goes
Never Give Up xo ~ Sybelle

Note: We are still providing Melani with her formula and some medications. If you would like to contribute to that we would highly appreciate it. It costs about $500 AU every 6 – 8 weeks to provide her with this. Please go to and quote “Melani”

Thankyou so much xo

Credits: Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

Melani Update – 26/04/2014 Cee4Life

10291256_557502797697620_9106599796122339030_nMelani Update – The Angel in Tiger Fur is doing well I had a bit of time today so I decided to put a few photos together of Melani
Sometimes she is really active and I try to take some photos and get all sorts of weird and wonderful angles of her

She is doing well still. Melani will always be a little tiger because of her inability to absorb all of her food. The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest of all the tiger sub species, usually females weigh in at about 75 – 130kg. Because Melani was fed human milk formula as a cub her bones and body did not develop as they should have, and then once she ingested the formaldehyde tainted meat that caused her to body to virtually halve in what it could digest, hence why she is so small.
The darling girl has a massive appetite, but her little body just cant absorb it. Her demeanour is content, positive and loving. The wonderful care that she has had has saved her life.
Melani is just about ready to go out into the grassed area alot more now as the weather is getting a little better, the sun is coming out more, so that means Mel will be outside more.

Contrary to what some people think, Melani is a wonderful animated girl she is not in pain and she is not bored. She is surrounded by Tigers all day long, she goes outside into a more protected area (which I have shown in this video – ) and she has enrichment in both her den and her covered outside section.

The big step will be for her to be able to walk outside onto the grassed area a bit more. The reason it has taken so long to be able to walk freely like this is because she was so unbelievably close to death on arrival. The poison had taken a massive toll on her internal body.
I will tell you the truth, in my heart, although I know the incredible care that went into Melani 24/7 for months to keep her alive, but in all of that time, it was her will to live that pulled her through.

I have never seen a tiger so utterly devastated and in such a drastic condition as Melani was on arrival, other than a tiger that has been shot or snared and very close to death.
I also believe that it is because Melani was used to human beings that also helped her spirit keep going.

If you can imagine this – Mel was actually 45kg on arrival at Taman Safari. She could not stand up and she looked like bones with fur thrown over the top. She had multiple intravenous drips put into her and masses of medications. 24/7 she was watched around the clock. Various keepers stayed by her side, in the dark of the night when she would become ill, the rain belting down outside, the patient staff calmed her, treated her, and watched over Melani in these oh so very dark times.

When I am there, I stay with her and talk to her, play with her, encourage her, feed her, then watch her as she lays her beautiful face down to sleep, then I just stare in wonder at this miracle girl.

When I write these updates I try to find the right words to describe the feeling I feel, it is so hard to describe. I will give you an example and you tell me how you would feel
So Ive been playing with Mel and fed her and she is beginning to get sleepy. Melani sits there staring directly into my eyes, and I talk to her telling her all about how wonderful she is coming along, and then I tell her all about what Ive been doing while i was away from her. I also tell her my secrets and my dreams. She sits there talking back to me in her unique “whale song” voice (Melani cannot roar or talk like a normal tiger as her vocal cords were frozen with the poison, so when she talks, she sound like she is singing, it sounds just like whale songs ) as if she understands everything. And then she begins to get close to sleep, she becomes quiet and with any word I say, she smiles meaning – She lowers her pretty eyes and looks at me with contentment and softly chuffs back to me.
She lays her head down and keeps staring into my eyes, I say to her “go to sleep beautiful girl, shhhh shhhh, I will be here when you wake up” She looks at me until her sleepy eyes completely close and then she goes to sleep. I watch her go into her tiger dreams and quietly move away.

So, I have no idea how to describe that feeling of that, except words like love, adoration, humbled, grateful, if i could paint colours of this feeling they would be wonderful white light and gold shining. lol Yes, i must sound like a hippy, but I honestly cannot describe the feelings – it is the most pure utter love xoxo

She truely is miraculous in so many many ways.

I will be back again with Melani in a couple of weeks, i cannot wait, i have been missing this gentle tigress lately. I have been away from her because life things have held me up.
Only 2 weeks to go

But I want to thank everyone who has donated to Melani. As many of you know she will be on her formulas and medications for the rest of her life. Cee4life has dedicated ourselves to provide her with as much of this as we can. Her formula’s and haemoglobin supplements come to about $450 – 500 AU per 6 weeks for Cee4life to provide Melani with her formulas and additional medicines. We need all the help we can get as Cee4life does not get any sponsorship for any of these things or any of our work (although we are trying hard to get some sponsorship). Please help us keep going with everything we are trying to do for not only Melani, but also the animals of Surabaya, along with the education program. We really need help to continue.
If you can help with any donations, please go to Wildlife Calling Charity and please clearly state “Cee4life” as WC provides aid to other projects too.
Thankyou so much for staying on this journey with us. We have a motto that we abide by. Although sometimes things happen to make the task so very difficult to achieve, if you love something it make everything alot easier to do. So I will leave you with this motto and hope that you take this into your heart too –
Never Give Up ~ Sybelle

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A special thanks to Cee4life and Sybelle Foxcroft Senior – Conservation & Environmental Education Officer/Director  for allowing us to use their images. It was a great help and I appreciate it immensely.

An opportunity to MELANI – 14/10/2013

Melani – Progress of the Miracle Sumatran Tiger – Cee4life 2014

UPDATE 10-03-2014 – MELANI – a living miracle tiger girl

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This is Charlie, a white bengal tiger. There are many old posts going around the internet showing the emaciation of Melani when she was in Surabaya Zoo. Melani the sumatran tiger was fed poisoned meat which destroyed her appetite along with many internal digestion functions. Because staff at Surabaya did not know how to treat Melani, she then starved as no one had the time or knowledge to look after her. But as most of you know now, she has been rehomed and she is doing pretty well now.

The main problems inside Surabaya Zoo are not starvation. That is false. The main problems are disease, incorrect enclosures and incorrect diets.

All the animals are certainly being fed, however it is what they are being fed and how much which is of concern. For one reason or another, the staff do not have a great deal of knowledge on the ethical requirements of animals, and in many cases they do not know the correct diets at all. Cee4life has been trying to aid with all of these things.
Charlie is an example of a very overweight white Bengal and is also an example of an animal being kept in a terrible enclosure.

We have proved Surabaya Zoo with the correct diets of Tigers including the need to cut out the very large amounts of fat that the carnivores have been eating. From what we have been told the zoo is doing its best now to provide the correct diets. We will be checking on Charlie and all the other animals in the zoo when we go back for the education and animal aid event in May.

So this post is mainly to inform the public that there are no animals deliberately being starved in the zoo at the moment, but there are animals that are ill internally and will starve if veterinary aid is not given to them, as they cannot digest properly or they just feel so sick they are off their food. One of the main causes of their illness’s is the internal and external parasites and a variety of worms. Cee4life is going to try and provide this medication for as many animals as we can along with any other dietary advice or needs to the measure of which we are capable.

Surabaya Zoo can be fixed, there is hope, and it is only through trying to provide some of this aid that things can change for the better.

We are never going to try and close the zoo at all. Before people say that sort of thing, they should be thinking “where are the animals going to go?”. There is no euthasia inside of Surabaya Zoo, and there is no rehome to other zoo’s at this time due to the disease or illness of the animals. So we must help not only the animals, but also with the education on the correct care and handling of the animals.

Charlie is a lovely boy. This cage he is in is not lovely though. He gets rotated through outside enclosures (see the second photo) but as there are about 7 tigers in this area, all of them must take turns. It is definitely not suitable at all. If you look at the second photo, you will see that this enclosure is a failry good size. Due to the space restrictions in Surabaya, we are going to propose that this enclosure could possibly be split in 2 so at least 2 tigers could go out at once. But there also needs to be blood testing etc on these tigers as a disease free tiger could walk into the enclosure on rotation with a diseased tiger, and subsequently get ill.

This is just one of the situations that is occurring in the zoo, however I wanted to reassure you that there are no animals being deliberately starved atm.

If you would like to help us with aiding Surabaya zoo animals and providing education to staff and the public, please go to the charity Wildlife Calling . Every little bit helps, thankyou so much for staying with us on this journey ~ Sybelle

Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

UPDATE 10-03-2014 – MELANI – a living miracle tiger girl

Melani marzo 2014

An opportunity to MELANI

UPDATE – An opportunity to MELANI

Melani – Progress of the Miracle Sumatran Tiger – Cee4life 2014

Melani – With all the ugliness of humans going on regarding the Surabaya Zoo, it is always a delightful breath of fresh air to talk about the lovely miracle called Melani.

She is the funniest girl now Her personality is coming out alot more, not only with her tiger characteristics showing more, but also her playful and clever side.

In Melani’s food, she not only gets her formula, but she also gets some of her medicines. One of them has to be hidden inside the chicken. Its a little green tablet that she must take to aid with her digestion and she refuses to simply take it and eat it as the taste is just not what a tiger likes. So in order to get her to swallow her medicines tablet is rolled up in part of the chicken, and then you have to coach Melani to come and eat the chicken.

She is so bright now that she actually see’s what piece of meat that you are putting it in and will refuse to eat that piece!! So now, before her food is brought in, the tablet is hidden in the meat, outside of her enclosure so she doesnt see.

You have to try and trick her into eating it because she will sit there and look carefully at the meat and try and smell it, to see if the tablet is there. She is cheeky lol

Luckily, with her heightened appetite now, she sort of gives up on trying to find the tablet because she just wants her food really fast!

Melani has always preferred to have her food fed to her by hand. It is just what she was used to and what she reacts positively with.

But I got to say that Im happy to have all my fingers!!! She is so gentle but there are some close calls. For example – I was trying to feed her some chicken with the tablet hidden in there and she was so very hungry that she chomped the chicken in half out of my hands. I held onto the other piece and she swung back fast was on top of it, I saw her teeth coming so I dropped the meat and felt her K9’s skim by my finger!! I think she thought I was going to take it away!
But still against other tigers eating, Melani is so very gentle.

As mentioned in the interview with Dr Broughton, one of Melani’s Vets, this dear tiger girl has an enormous appetite now, but still her internal absorption process is nearly non existent. That is because of the poisoning from the formaldehyde she was fed in Surabaya Zoo . Its damaged her severely, and it will be a very very long road to her absorption increasing, if ever. She will always be a little tiger. Sadly, the poisoning damaged her so that she will never be able to have cubs either. xo

But with all these things that she has endured, and all the hurdles that she has overcome over the months, she is a living miracle to be alive today.

Her face smiles it really does She chuffs and lowers her pretty eyes when she see’s you, she has long eye lashes, and such very long pretty whiskers

Its still raining alot in Bogor (Bogor is called the rain city as it rains basically every day), but Melani does get out on the sunshine and the grass now.

We are waiting for the sun to shine long enough for this angel girl to walk outside again without being soaked with rain. That will be a most awesome day

And I promise to post that photo up as soon as it happens

When you think back on what has happened to her, the many years of abuse she endured, then the poisoning with no aid given to her. The 20 hour journey she had to endure to get her to safety, her very very close to death experience, and then over all these months, even when she was so very sick, she still showed affection to humans, in her weakest moments. Oh this girl…. I wish that everyone could meet her and know just how precious she is.

Not just because she is a critically endangered sumatran tiger, or that she has struggled back from deaths door, but because of her soul, her beautiful beautiful soul. The soul of Melani is like nothing that can be explained, except by imaging the most beautiful light and warmth that ever touched your being xoxo

Here is the pretty girl just after she had been fed. It was cold and rainy and she jumped up under her heat lamp to warm up again. Her blue/green eyes are calm, she is content, she is loved, she is a miracle. xoxo ~ Sybelle

Credits: CEE4Life

Melani – Progress of the Miracle Sumatran Tiger – Cee4life 2014

Melani 15oct2013

Melani is a 15 year old, critically endangered, female Sumatran Tiger. As a cub, her mother rejected her in Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia and Melani was then raised by humans, fed on incorrect milk which impacted her growth. She was disadvantaged from birth. At the age of 10, Melani was fed meat tainted with the chemical formaline. Formalin is a a killer poison. The other 3 tigers fed the same meat, died. Melani survived, but was slowly starving to death. She was hidden away from the public in a dungeon where no one would see. But we saw. On 25th June 2013, Melani was rescued and rehomed at Taman Safari Bogor where she began her rehabilitation.
This is an update on her progress up to January 2014.

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UPDATE – An opportunity to MELANI

A special thanks to Cee4life and Sybelle Foxcroft Senior – Conservation & Environmental Education Officer/Director  for allowing us to use their images. It was a great help and I appreciate it immensely. An opportunity to MELANI – 14/10/2013 Melani Update November 2013 – Pray – Our …Read More

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