Jazz – The Lion


1622050_752334508112772_398377852_nJazz has been with In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center since 2009, and he is our biggest cat – almost 600 pounds! He lives with his brother, Shazam (coincidentally, their second-biggest cat), and the two of them of inseparable. They are almost always within touching distance of each other, and can often be found cuddling together, lying in the sun. They also LOVE enrichment time, and roll around with enthusiasm on whatever stinky stuff we give! You can read all about his story here: http://www.insyncexotics.org/Jazz.html Jazz has been adopted by Heather & John McCown (thanks Heather & John!). If you are interested in adopting and helping support this huge boy as well (he eats a LOT), you can check out our adoption/sponsorship program here: http://www.insyncexotics.org/Adopt-A-Cat.html