A Prince who ruled hearts…

Shivang Mehta Photography


15 years ago when I started working in one of India’s most stunning forests, the damp smell of the leaves that dazzled the forest floor overlooking a magnificent saal canopy and the musical sounds of crystal clear water cascading down the white rocks shining like jewels, as the first rays of morning rays kissed the Ramganga, were some of the first soul touching moments of Corbett which continued to draw me back to this magical landscape in various professional capacities.

The blue waters of this spectacular river and the presence of glittering coat of a shy and elusive Corbett tiger trespassing the divine landscape always made me skip a few heartbeats. Years passed by and then emerged a tigress from this river as a goddess and with the attitude of a bold mermaid who loved the rich blues of the Ramganga. She became a showstopper and for the first time…

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Pepe Varela, habla de la influencia recibida para la realización de su trabajo como dibujante y caricaturista.


TRUMP GOVTen cada trabajo mio siempre hay un pedazo de estos 11 caricaturistas cubanos que posteo aqui. desde luego, de perez y soto hay genes porque fue mi bisabuelo (y director de la politica comica desde 1916 hasta 1932). los claroscuros de fornes. la combinacion de trazos de nuez. el espacio de massaguer. los angulos de manuel. la aglomeracion de pecruz. en fin. hay que reconocerlo a cierta edad. y hoy llego la hora de rendirles tributo.©varela

in every job of mine there is always a piece of these 11 cuban cartoonists that i post here. of course, from perez y soto i have genes ‘cause he was my great-grandfather (and director of politica comica from 1916 to 1932). the fornes’s chiaroscuros. the combination of strokes of nuez. the space of massaguer. manuel’s angles. the agglomeration of pecruz. anyway. you have to recognize it at a certain age. and today it’s…

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From Snow Leopards to Tigers

Shivang Mehta Photography

I have been on the road since the first week of March. From a fortnight in high altitude terrains of Himalayas in search of Snow Leopards to shuttling between Corbett & Ranthambore guiding guests from South Africa, United States & United Kingdom. Here is a quick round up for March 2018.

The Snow Leopard Expedition was a memorable experience with 6 sightings of 8 individual cats. The tender mother and cub moments enthralled our guests and the bold male gave some excellent photographic opportunities.

Paro’s young cub in Corbett has been looking in great shape and being the lone cub he is growing up fast. His antics around the river and river beds of Dhikala would be etched in sighting records of Corbett for years to come. Ranthambore on the other hand has been going steady and the major turn of events has been the sudden surge in sightings of…

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Revelando estereotipos que no nos representan | Yolanda Domínguez @yodominguez


¿Nos representan los mensajes que comunicamos? Yolanda Domínguez

se pregunta si podemos superar los estereotipos ocultos en las imágenes que creamos y consumimos cada día. Quizá, gracias a una mayor reflexión y consciencia podamos desmontar aquellas ideas que damos por hecho en la comunicación pero que nos hacen ser menos libres y felices como comunidad.


Nuevo trabajo del dibujante Pepe Varela.
La versión de Moby Dick en 70 gráficas.
Con la música épica de Morricone: Orca.


1246910muy pronto mi version de moby dick en 70 graficas. con la musica epica de morricone: orca. espero la disfruten.©varela
111617181920soon my moby dick version in 70 graphics. with epic morricone music: orca. i hope you enjoy it.©varela


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