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Melani was a critically endangered Sumatran Tiger that was born into a captive environment in Indonesia. Melani became a victim of unethical care and severe animal welfare issues.  The result was that this beautiful Tiger was poisoned and later, as a result of the poisoning, she was unable to digest food, and Melani endured starvation.  A push by Cee4life and many other organisations and animal lovers around the world began in order  to bring urgent veterinary aid and rehome into a ethical environment.  As with most of the iconic animals facing extinction these days, Melani’s case became a political nightmare.  As the months ticked by, this beautiful Tigress held onto life, waiting.  After 18 months, the wait was over.  At the time of rescue, Melani was critically ill and she teetered on the edge of death.

After a 20 hour journey across Indonesia, she began her road to recovery in the intensive care Veterinary Hospital in Taman Safari in Bogor Indonesia.  Cee4life travelled to the Veterinary Hospital and began further support for her medical aid and needs.  Her recuperation was very slow as she had endured so much, but she had the will to live.

After 1 year of intensive care, Melani stepped outside into the sunshine and onto the grass again. Her joy at having little if any pain, and life was contagious.

Melani’s plight was covered by media worldwide and in effect she brought the world together in her plight. Melani defied the odds and lived to know joy, kindness and love. But it was her miraculous courage and demeanour, and her incredible ability to truely show great affection, love,  to human beings, that was extraordinary.

From the very close relationship developed between director of Cee4life, Sybelle Foxcroft, and Melani, unfolded an incredible tragic but stunningly beautiful story of endurance of a wonderful Tiger and the power of love for an animal. 

Melani passed away in August 2014, but left behind a never ending legacy of such grace in the face of horror, courage in the face of fear, and a bright shining love that filled every part of her body and touched every person that knew her or read about her.  

She was one of a kind, beloved and brave.

In honor of this beautiful Tiger, Cee4life has opened up our foundation in memory of Melani, her courage and endurance, and knowing that their are so many other animals out in the world that need help, just like Melani, and many people that need to have their humanity reawakened with education.

Melani’s Legacy Foundation – Cee4life is dedicated to environmental and wildlife education, ethical management and protection of both wild and captive animals, and humanitarian aid.

Thankyou for any support that you can give. Please go to this link for further details –

Never Give Up ~  Cee4life



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