Mala (Noor)


Age:5 years old (adult)
Name Meaning:Beaded Beauty
First seen:March 2009
Notable marks:She has bead-like markings on her side flanks



Mala (also known as the Sultanpur female) is a beautiful tigress who heralds from the sister of the great matriarch Machali, Grand Dame of Ranthmbhore. She is well known to visitors in the park – an extrovert just like her aunt. Her brother is a famous adventurer, having moved from Rajasthan to Madhya Pradesh of his own accord. She now has one cub called Sultan born in the summer 2012.

Know as Mala (Hindi for ‘necklace’) due to the decorative bead-like stripes on her flanks, she was born to the Sultanpur female T13. Growing up in Guda/Sultanpur, the southernmost part of the park, she was popular among tourists who enjoyed seeing her as a cub.

Soon after separating from her mother at the age of 2, her mother had another litter of two cubs with T12 who was soon after relocated to Sariska in 2010. As a result, Mala’s father’s territory fell vacant and Sultanpur (T24) took over. Now, her mother’s new litter was in danger, threatened by the new male who would try to kill her cubs. The new family left the area, allowing Mala to take over her mother’s territory under the domain of the Sultanpur male.

About the same time, Mala’s brother had vanished without a trace and it was not until sometime later that acamera trap in Kuno Palpur Sanctuary picked up an unknown male tiger. Through comparison of tiger stripe patterns, experts discovered that this mystery tiger was none other than her brother. He had made the dangerous journey over 100 miles, swimming the mighty Chambal river in the process. This discovery was great news for conservationists and the Forest Department – proof that this area still has a functioning wildlife corridor.

Mala has now given birth a single cub in her range and he has been named Sultan.

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Credits: Tiger Nation 



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