Melani’s Star – Melani The Miracle Tiger

melani 1


Melani was one of the rarest of creatures that walked this earth because she possessed a “not of this earth” quality. She was so loving, so very gentle. When I would look into her eyes it was like looking into the face of love. Its always been so very hard for me to describe her because there are no words invented to really explain this amazing unique kind tiger. We all walked with her on her journey, we have laughed and cried, she lifted us all up with her strength and love of life. This week has been so very hard, tears falling all over the world for her loss. Yes she was most beloved in so many thousands if not millions of hearts. While she was here with us she gave us hope for her beautiful enduring spirit, her humour, her oh so beautiful affection and her dignified patience in the face of suffering.

The last time I sat with her she did something very different to me. Always she would play and rub and chuff, lay down and just be there for a while with me, but usually that would last for about 20 mins maximum and then she would get back up and walk around, rejoice in the sunshine, smell the grass and flowers, and look up at the birds in the nearby trees. But the last time, she stayed with me for nearly 2 hours. In that time, she rested her head against mine, her paw in my hand. She looked at me with such love directly into my eyes and deliberately held her gaze. I suddenly realised she was trying to tell me something. I caught my breath because her eyes said everything without saying a word. My dear girl was saying goodbye.. she knew… I said to her “Are you saying goodbye to me girl” I had to catch my breathe I did not want her go, not to leave. She lowered her eyes and gently looked at me, then laid her head in my hands.

I softly rubbed her pretty face, her nose, her eyes, my eyes welled with tears. As she began to fall asleep, her loving eyes would open and watch me again, I placed my hand on her paw and held on. I whispered softly to her, ” I love you dear beautiful melani. Please understand that you so very loved” She chuffed softly ♥

As the afternoon sun disappeared, I have to leave. “Bye bye girl, I will see you soon, I love you” She looked up at me and lowered her eyes as she did when you smiled.
When I walked away from her that last time as the sun went down, I got into the car to drive me back to my accommodation, but I stopped and said ” Let me go back just one more time to see her” So I got out and went back to her, there she was sleeping with such peace on her face. I did not disturb her, and I smiled at her with love. She was between our worlds, she was becoming a true angel.

These last days have really been so hard, as I know they have for all of you. But I have realised, it was time for her to go. As much as I or you wanted this wonderful loving soul to stay, she had to go. Her little body just had to stop….
We all miss so very much she was simply beautiful. ♥

For this very special girl who came into all our lives and reached into our hearts and gave up hope and sooooo much love, we have done something so you will always remember her with her incredible message of hope, endurance, kindness, courage, patience and love.

Look up into the stars, find the constellation of Leo. There we have had a star named after Melani. So when you are feeling alone, if you feel you are loosing hope, and if you feel without love, then look up, see her star and be filled with all the love and comfort that this wonderful tiger gave to us all.
Melani’s Star is star can be founda at Leo RA 11hrs 7mins 47 secs Degree’s 11, 37.
The stars name is “Melani – The Miracle Tiger”.

She will always be alive within out hearts, now she is truly in the heavens above xox I hope that this small gesture in honour of Melani comforts you all. I know Melani will want us to help as many beings as we can, so lets look forward and do whatever we can for all other animals that cross our lives. We will never forget you Melani, run free sweet tiger xoxo Thankyou for your love ♥ ~ Sybelle

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Credits: Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life



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