Melani, the wonderful Tiger. Rest in peace Tigress Angel.


Melani showed us, never give up, even when everyone else wanted to. Rest now Tiger Angel, you will never be forgotten 

Melani rests in peace

Photo: Melani and Sybelle Foxcroft -Cee4Life
Photo: Melani and Sybelle Foxcroft -Cee4Life

Melani ❤  – The death of Melani has shocked the world, but please take comfort knowing that she was pain free, so very loved, and passed gently in her sleep xoxo Please read the following information xo

Melani – I have seen Melani’s autopsy this morning, without posting the graphic nature of it, I will say that she truly was a miracle tiger to have lived for as long as she did, not just because of the poisoning, but also because of the ailments she was born with at birth. To see exactly what was going on inside her body only makes this beautiful girl so much for incredible. The Vets are stunned at what was found. Maybe sometime in the future I will talk more about that. At this time I am grieving her loss. I want to thank everyone of you for your very kind and compassionate words, they are such a comfort to me and all those who loved her. I know exactly what she would say about this outpouring of love coming from all over the world, she would lower her pretty eyes, humbled, dignified yet humorous and full of love, give a lovely rub and say “Awww thankyou” and then do her little chuffs and talk with her singing voice. Im putting some film together of memorable moments that have never been seen. It might take a few days as Ive been crying all night and day and my eyes are very swollen atm. But my own little cats have not left my side.

As much as we all miss this gorgeous girl, her courageous gentle heart, it was her time to go. She did not suffer, there was no pain, she was taken gently and quickly as she slept. I am so glad that in the end it was like that, she deserved at peaceful cross over.

Melani will be remembered as a symbol of hope, courage, kindness, and her incredible capacity for love. This marvellous girl built bridges with people across every country in the world, her impact is immense and it is all because of she kind, gentle, graceful nature, and her ability to show such love and affection to the very species that hurt he so much.

In honour of this incredibly beautiful girl, I have done something where she will be remembered forever and bring hope forever, and will share that with you in a few days.

Remember her for the love she brought, her ability to reach into peoples hearts and make them love and have hope. She knew and felt every single persons love from across the world, trust me, she knew Again thankyou so much for all of your very kind words and comfort, it means a great deal to me. I will probably be a little quiet over the next few days as I am very upset. But I am also taking comfort in the irreplaceable memories of her, and the lessons that this gracious tiger taught me. One of them, love never dies xoxo

My comfort and support to all of you, I know how much so many of you loved her. I will be back soon with something special for Melani.

Much love to you all xoxo ~ Sybelle


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