Tiger Temple Update – August 2014 – Behind the Cloak of Buddha – Cee4life

Photo: CEE4Life


Tiger Temple Update – August 2014 – Forgiveness – Over the years, when going back into the temple, the gauntlet of emotions and the always present “on guard” feeling when entering the temple, has always been something that I have never looked forward to.

When I have walked through the front gates of the temple time after time, knowing the animosity directed at me purely because I chose to fight for the lives of these tigers, knowing and seeing the hatred in some of the staffs eyes, seeing them sending text messages to each other throughout the temple, warning that I was there, and not to let me near certain areas, it is a very tense situation at times. There are moments where the atmosphere has been so thick with revile against me, that you could cut the air with a knife.

Then there is all the history, the things that have been seen that you cannot un-see. The memories of horrifying things that no one should ever witness and the repercussions of that never ending film that plays around and around in my head.

Grief and sorrow have lived with me for all these years. Some days are good, some days are bad. But with all this time, this fight for humanity, this frustrating battle for kindness for these animals, hope has always burned like a little flame in a storm.

From the indescribable grief to moments of happiness, this journey has always been one of looking forward, praying for change, watching over these beautiful creatures, and never giving up that there is a way to find a form of peace.

Recently there has been barriers that have begun to be removed. I wont say broken down, because that is not true. The barriers I am talking about are ones that humans put up and the ones that only humans can take down like hostility, anger, disgust, and such.

When you knock so long on a door and then finally it opens, there is only one thing to do, and that is to walk through it.

So in the name of humanity and for the love of the tigers, very soon when I pass through the gates of the temple, it will not be with trepidation or angst of a cold reception, but it will be with the full knowledge and invitation from the tiger temple.

If there is a way for peace, for forgiveness, for going forward, for the sake of these lovely animals, then this is a start.

It only takes one good person to open the door that you have been knocking on for so long.
That person in the temple knows who they are, and I thank them for this greatly.

Stay with us on this upcoming journey, to possible peace. ~ Sybelle

Credits: Behind the Cloak of Buddha – Cee4life



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