UPDATE 19/06/2014 – Machali and Cee4life In India

10346534_803822256303947_4089931212293125251_nMachli Will Be Safe and Protected for the Rest of Her Life – In May 2014 while director Sybelle Foxcroft was in Indonesia for Surabaya Zoo and Melani, we received a plea to help the iconic tigress Machli in India. We began to try to aid her immediately. The problem was that there were very well known tiger experts who disagreed with her being fed, although since 2011 she had been getting fed due to her loss of k9’s and Machli being so beloved around the world.
The claims as “it is natural to let her die she is a wild tiger not a pet” were just stupid. The moment humans stepped in and fed Machli, was the moment that the true natural process’s ended. To stop feeding her now was just cruel, inhumane and would likely cause Machli to still try to hunt and take down the easiest prey species in the world – a human being.

All scenarios of the “stop feed” were examined, and in both factual science and humanity and moral grounds, all scenarios equalled one thing – continue her protection until the very end.
So Sybelle went into fight for her, from Indonesia.
As Sybelle then crossed over to Thailand to go to the Tiger Temple to continue her 8 years of protection to her beloved tigers there, she fought for Machli. If anyone does not know of Sybelles work in the Tiger Temple it is highly recommended you read the book on this ( http://www.amazon.com/Behind-Cloak-Buddha-animal-endurance/dp/1442102020 ) then you will really understand the meaning of courage in the face of fear and intimidation.

Due to unrest in Thailand she was caught in a martial law take over of the country and then a coup. As the on ground reports intensified on Machli’s plight and the “stop feed” agenda, increased, Cee4life knew there was no other option but to take the fight head on.

As ridiculous as this sounds, to aid an animal like a tiger, becomes like walking through a gauntlet of explosives, while being set on fire with arrows being shot at you. The heat of whom you must deal with to get a tiger safe is intense, more like an inferno of hot lava being poured on you. All the vicious obstacles come out, and its not only ugly but also dangerous.

Sybelle made it through to the airport in Thailand through a country in severe unrest, threats of violence and military surrounding her.

On arrival in Australia, more reports on Machli came through via legal channels, the situation was desperate now. What goes on behind closed doors, is not what you will see in the media. Briefly, behind the scenes Machli’s case was chaotic with those uneducated people virtually demanding she be starved and seeing absolutely no logic of the repercussions if they did that, along with showing the reality of loss of humanity, and then those that were trying hard to protect her for life.

As we have always said, there is good and bad in every country/place in the world. Cee4life liaised with the good in India who fought for the humane and right thing to do for one of India’s last tigers.

On 24th May 2014, Sybelle placed a call to India to the highest authorities on the Tigers. She spoke at length about all the reasons why the “stop feed” was not the moral or natural or humane thing to do.
It was confirmed that immediately after that phone call a fax was sent to reinstate Machli’s suppliments. Within days, Machli food was reinstated. (Ironically those that were publicly attacking cee4life, were boasting about the photos they took of her being fed, and saying we did not have our facts straight. Little did they know the reason she was being fed…..or why they got their precious photos….)

But her ongoing feeding was not confirmed, she was still in peril because of the stupidity of those aligning themselves with intimidating well know names, for reasons that they will only know themselves, and preferring to let this glorious girl who has earned these very people trying to condemn her to a agonising death, $800 million in tourism dollars in her lifetime.

Claims “she wants to die” “she is a troubled soul” – all utter illogical as it was clear Machli certainly loved life and wanted to live.

Machli the Bengal Tigress of India, like Melani the Sumatran Tigress of Indonesia was being petitioned for death. Both by the hands of so called “experts” and others who dared not go against the “experts” because of their own lack of courage and moral fibre. What an utter sin. But this is exactly what some people are like.

Cee4life prepared to go straight to India and take Machli’s case to the highest level possible and aid this lovely girl. Without mentioning any names involved, the very highest levels of Indian Government were all contacted by Cee4life while legal action was in motion.

Why the hell must we fight so hard for an animal that is suffering?? Why must we time and time again, all over the world, have to reach to the highest levels to have permission to be humane to an animal? Should not that be a natural aspect of our own humane souls?

So, to cut a long story short.

We are very ecstatic to notify you, once again without naming names, We can 100% tell you now from yesterday, Machli the beautiful iconic life loving tigress of Ranthambore WILL be safe and protected all her days humanely and never again be under peril even from those that wish her food stopped.

Machli is safe now in this aspect (however due to knowing poachers are targeting Ranthambore and all the tigers of india, there is a great need for action in protecting the last 1000 or so tigers there)

We have already notified all our donators on this outcome yesterday who gave so generously to aid us in this urgent mission as we are a 100% transparent organisation and appreciate everything that everyone supports us with.

So, no matter how much adversity that you may come up against, don’t loose faith, and don’t allow yourself to crumble, because it could mean life or death for a beautiful being.

Machli will be protected now, forever cared for.

This time humanity won

Never Give Up – Cee4life

Photograph by Bobby Bhargawa



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