Tracking the Tigress, INDIA – Cee4life

Tracking the Tigress, INDIA – Cee4life doesnt just help captive aniamls, we also try to help the wild one when we can. On this occasion we were in India, where a female tigress had one of her cubs killed by a car. She stayed in the area for the next week attacking every vehicle or bike that went by. The authorities were alerted, but no one came to help. We were in the area, so we did what we could. The mum was separated from her 3 remaining babies by monsoon waters. They could have been killled by jackals, bears and other predators. We went to find the mum and try and get her back.
Turn it up, sit back, and watch how frightening this is. We had no defences and we knew, the tiger saw us, but we did not see her.
Happy ending, she got back to her cubs.

A female Tiger with her 4 cubs crossed an isolated road outside of a protected area. One of her cubs was hit by a random car and killed. For the next week, the Tigress attacked every vehicle or bike that went past. She finally wandered into the bush. It was monsoon season. News came that she had been seperated from her young 2 month old cubs. Other predators were in the area. We went to check on her to see that she made it back to her cubs safely. However, we did not need to see her, we just needed to find evidence she was reunited with her cubs again. Every tiger counts. This footage is a bit bouncy, sorry about that, hard to film in this situation.

Credits: Behind the Cloak of Buddha – Cee4life



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