Junglee (Berda)

1The Berda female is a great survivor. Orphaned when she was just over a year old, she survived this trauma to establish herself in the place of her birth as a member of the ruling elite. Gave birth to a new litter after loosing her first litter earlier.

Age: 6 years old (adult)
Code: T41
First seen: July 2008
Gender: Female

2Born in the beautiful Berda valley to mother T4 and father Big Daddy, T41 grew up with her brother Berda male cub (T40) and was well known to regular guides and travelers. When the cubs were a year old, their mother died as a result of an infected injury caused by another tiger after a fight over prey. The cubs stayed together and supported each other for another year, helping each other hunt and learn basic survival skills.

As the Semli male (T6) started muscling his way into their home territory, T41’s brother was driven out of the area and has not been seen since. T41 stayed behind and made her peace with the new Semli male, regularly mating with him.

T41’s range now includes Berda, Semli, Bhakola valley and the Adidant region.

She gave birth to a litter of cubs in November 2012. She however lost all this litter. However a single new cub was seen in May 2013.

These life stories were brought to you after years of careful observation, notes and photography. Aditya Singh is a principal contributor together with many of Ranthambhore’s nature guiding community, and the success of Tigerwatch’s ongoing intelligence. Read all their blogs here

Junglee – the Berda female and her cub at Bhakola. (C)

Credits: Tiger Nation



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