Melani Update – 26/04/2014 Cee4Life

10291256_557502797697620_9106599796122339030_nMelani Update – The Angel in Tiger Fur is doing well I had a bit of time today so I decided to put a few photos together of Melani
Sometimes she is really active and I try to take some photos and get all sorts of weird and wonderful angles of her

She is doing well still. Melani will always be a little tiger because of her inability to absorb all of her food. The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest of all the tiger sub species, usually females weigh in at about 75 – 130kg. Because Melani was fed human milk formula as a cub her bones and body did not develop as they should have, and then once she ingested the formaldehyde tainted meat that caused her to body to virtually halve in what it could digest, hence why she is so small.
The darling girl has a massive appetite, but her little body just cant absorb it. Her demeanour is content, positive and loving. The wonderful care that she has had has saved her life.
Melani is just about ready to go out into the grassed area alot more now as the weather is getting a little better, the sun is coming out more, so that means Mel will be outside more.

Contrary to what some people think, Melani is a wonderful animated girl she is not in pain and she is not bored. She is surrounded by Tigers all day long, she goes outside into a more protected area (which I have shown in this video – ) and she has enrichment in both her den and her covered outside section.

The big step will be for her to be able to walk outside onto the grassed area a bit more. The reason it has taken so long to be able to walk freely like this is because she was so unbelievably close to death on arrival. The poison had taken a massive toll on her internal body.
I will tell you the truth, in my heart, although I know the incredible care that went into Melani 24/7 for months to keep her alive, but in all of that time, it was her will to live that pulled her through.

I have never seen a tiger so utterly devastated and in such a drastic condition as Melani was on arrival, other than a tiger that has been shot or snared and very close to death.
I also believe that it is because Melani was used to human beings that also helped her spirit keep going.

If you can imagine this – Mel was actually 45kg on arrival at Taman Safari. She could not stand up and she looked like bones with fur thrown over the top. She had multiple intravenous drips put into her and masses of medications. 24/7 she was watched around the clock. Various keepers stayed by her side, in the dark of the night when she would become ill, the rain belting down outside, the patient staff calmed her, treated her, and watched over Melani in these oh so very dark times.

When I am there, I stay with her and talk to her, play with her, encourage her, feed her, then watch her as she lays her beautiful face down to sleep, then I just stare in wonder at this miracle girl.

When I write these updates I try to find the right words to describe the feeling I feel, it is so hard to describe. I will give you an example and you tell me how you would feel
So Ive been playing with Mel and fed her and she is beginning to get sleepy. Melani sits there staring directly into my eyes, and I talk to her telling her all about how wonderful she is coming along, and then I tell her all about what Ive been doing while i was away from her. I also tell her my secrets and my dreams. She sits there talking back to me in her unique “whale song” voice (Melani cannot roar or talk like a normal tiger as her vocal cords were frozen with the poison, so when she talks, she sound like she is singing, it sounds just like whale songs ) as if she understands everything. And then she begins to get close to sleep, she becomes quiet and with any word I say, she smiles meaning – She lowers her pretty eyes and looks at me with contentment and softly chuffs back to me.
She lays her head down and keeps staring into my eyes, I say to her “go to sleep beautiful girl, shhhh shhhh, I will be here when you wake up” She looks at me until her sleepy eyes completely close and then she goes to sleep. I watch her go into her tiger dreams and quietly move away.

So, I have no idea how to describe that feeling of that, except words like love, adoration, humbled, grateful, if i could paint colours of this feeling they would be wonderful white light and gold shining. lol Yes, i must sound like a hippy, but I honestly cannot describe the feelings – it is the most pure utter love xoxo

She truely is miraculous in so many many ways.

I will be back again with Melani in a couple of weeks, i cannot wait, i have been missing this gentle tigress lately. I have been away from her because life things have held me up.
Only 2 weeks to go

But I want to thank everyone who has donated to Melani. As many of you know she will be on her formulas and medications for the rest of her life. Cee4life has dedicated ourselves to provide her with as much of this as we can. Her formula’s and haemoglobin supplements come to about $450 – 500 AU per 6 weeks for Cee4life to provide Melani with her formulas and additional medicines. We need all the help we can get as Cee4life does not get any sponsorship for any of these things or any of our work (although we are trying hard to get some sponsorship). Please help us keep going with everything we are trying to do for not only Melani, but also the animals of Surabaya, along with the education program. We really need help to continue.
If you can help with any donations, please go to Wildlife Calling Charity and please clearly state “Cee4life” as WC provides aid to other projects too.
Thankyou so much for staying on this journey with us. We have a motto that we abide by. Although sometimes things happen to make the task so very difficult to achieve, if you love something it make everything alot easier to do. So I will leave you with this motto and hope that you take this into your heart too –
Never Give Up ~ Sybelle

Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life



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