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A special thanks to Cee4life and Sybelle Foxcroft Senior – Conservation & Environmental Education Officer/Director  for allowing us to use their images. It was a great help and I appreciate it immensely.

An opportunity to MELANI – 14/10/2013

Melani – Progress of the Miracle Sumatran Tiger – Cee4life 2014

UPDATE 10-03-2014 – MELANI – a living miracle tiger girl

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This is Charlie, a white bengal tiger. There are many old posts going around the internet showing the emaciation of Melani when she was in Surabaya Zoo. Melani the sumatran tiger was fed poisoned meat which destroyed her appetite along with many internal digestion functions. Because staff at Surabaya did not know how to treat Melani, she then starved as no one had the time or knowledge to look after her. But as most of you know now, she has been rehomed and she is doing pretty well now.

The main problems inside Surabaya Zoo are not starvation. That is false. The main problems are disease, incorrect enclosures and incorrect diets.

All the animals are certainly being fed, however it is what they are being fed and how much which is of concern. For one reason or another, the staff do not have a great deal of knowledge on the ethical requirements of animals, and in many cases they do not know the correct diets at all. Cee4life has been trying to aid with all of these things.
Charlie is an example of a very overweight white Bengal and is also an example of an animal being kept in a terrible enclosure.

We have proved Surabaya Zoo with the correct diets of Tigers including the need to cut out the very large amounts of fat that the carnivores have been eating. From what we have been told the zoo is doing its best now to provide the correct diets. We will be checking on Charlie and all the other animals in the zoo when we go back for the education and animal aid event in May.

So this post is mainly to inform the public that there are no animals deliberately being starved in the zoo at the moment, but there are animals that are ill internally and will starve if veterinary aid is not given to them, as they cannot digest properly or they just feel so sick they are off their food. One of the main causes of their illness’s is the internal and external parasites and a variety of worms. Cee4life is going to try and provide this medication for as many animals as we can along with any other dietary advice or needs to the measure of which we are capable.

Surabaya Zoo can be fixed, there is hope, and it is only through trying to provide some of this aid that things can change for the better.

We are never going to try and close the zoo at all. Before people say that sort of thing, they should be thinking “where are the animals going to go?”. There is no euthasia inside of Surabaya Zoo, and there is no rehome to other zoo’s at this time due to the disease or illness of the animals. So we must help not only the animals, but also with the education on the correct care and handling of the animals.

Charlie is a lovely boy. This cage he is in is not lovely though. He gets rotated through outside enclosures (see the second photo) but as there are about 7 tigers in this area, all of them must take turns. It is definitely not suitable at all. If you look at the second photo, you will see that this enclosure is a failry good size. Due to the space restrictions in Surabaya, we are going to propose that this enclosure could possibly be split in 2 so at least 2 tigers could go out at once. But there also needs to be blood testing etc on these tigers as a disease free tiger could walk into the enclosure on rotation with a diseased tiger, and subsequently get ill.

This is just one of the situations that is occurring in the zoo, however I wanted to reassure you that there are no animals being deliberately starved atm.

If you would like to help us with aiding Surabaya zoo animals and providing education to staff and the public, please go to the charity Wildlife Calling . Every little bit helps, thankyou so much for staying with us on this journey ~ Sybelle

Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life



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