Blue Eyes

1A very handsome but shy young male, a complete stranger, now stalking the Magdhi area, with brilliant blue/green eyes. Where has he come from? Who are his parents? The eyes must provide the clue.

Age:5 years old (adult)
First seen:November 2011
Notable marks:Blue-green eyes

2Blue Eyes remains a mystery to us, having suddenly appeared this spring in the Magdhi area of Bandhavgrah. Could he be descended from another famous cub, B7, born to the tigressBachchi in 2001, who also had blue-green eyes? It’s quite probable.

It’s also possible that he is the brother of Mukunda, and therefore is already coded as C10, but the photographs of the cubs to support this are not with Tiger Nation. He could also be the cub of the Mahaman tigressIndrani, but again hard to corroborate without hard evidence. The father is almost certainly Shaki (also known as Bokha) as they both have very similar stripe patterns.

3Blue Eyes is believed to be about 3-years-old, so not yet in his prime and might therefore have a hard time trying to settle into the area he presently occupies, with an aggressive and more mature male, Jobhi, making a strong bid for this territory.

Follow young Blue eyes and see if he can keep his patch – and continue the blue eyes into another generation.

If you have photographs of cubs in the Magdhi and Khitouli range over the last three years, we would like to see them. Can you help? Contact us here

These Life stories have been brought to you by Kay and Satyendra Tiwari, and involved twenty five years of passion, note taking and intelligence while living on the borders of Bandhavgarh Reserve. Read their blogs and diaries here.

Credits: Tiger Nation 


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