Semli (Romeo)

ADS_0000026651Living in the middle of the park on the borders of the visitor zones, Semli is a healthy tiger who is just coming of age. Cubs of Big Daddy (T2) and Kachidha female, Semli’s brother T7 is infamous for attacking a park ranger and traveling long distances on his way to Bharatpur, to everyone amazement.

Follow Semli’s antics here in the heart of the park.

Age: 8 years old (adult)
Code: T6
First seen: Unknown
Gender: Male
Notable marks: unknown
Born to father Big Daddy and mother T5, the Kachida female, Semli grew up in a well-known tiger family. Together with his brother (T7) and sister (T8 or Balas female) he was raised in the Kachida valley of the park. Semli and his father got along well and were often seen sharing their kills with each other, especially as his father aged.

Unlike his gentler brother, T7 had achieved great notoriety after attacking a Park ranger and travelling far from the reserve on a mission to find his own range. He was eventually spotted in the famous wetlands of Bharatphur, or Keladeo National Park Bird Sanctuary 150 miles away, where prey like Sambar are plentiful. He was soon tranquillised and set free in Sariska National Park in early winter of 2010, as part of a park restocking programme.

After Semli and his brother separated from their mother, they stayed together at the fringes of Machali’s territory – establishing a small territory of his own with Semli alley at its heart. Soon after he was seen mating with the young Berda female (T4) in the Semli and Berda valley. He has since been expanding his territory to encroach into Adidant and Lakkarda valley, bringing him into conflict with Ranthambhore matriarch Machali for her meals.

Credits: Tiger Nation 


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