Munna (Langda, Meadow Vale)

Due to his preferred terrain and striking facial markings, Munna

1It’s perhaps the most photographed and most easily recognisable tiger in the Kanha Park today  Despite not being particularly big, he has battled his way to dominance, which at times has led to injury.

left flank ID
left flank ID
Right flank ID
Right flank ID

Reserve: Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

Age: 11 years old (adult)
Code: MU1 (Kanha)
First seen: Unknown
Gender: Male
Notable marks: Prominent ‘CAT” on forehead.
Munna, also known as Langda/Meadow Male, was born in 2003 although is of unknown parentage. He spends most of his time in meadows, but his territory ranges from Chattapathara to Bamni Dadar to Neelamullah to Link 9 to Kanhaghat to Naktighati. His rise to dominance was tough and included many fights particularly during 2005 and 2006 when he was consolidating his area.  In one of the fights he sustained a leg injury giving him a limp, hence Langda or the limping one.  This has healed almost completely now and he is now in complete control of his territory, despite not being particularly big.
normal_MunnaHe has a dominant ‘CAT’ marking on his forehead. He mates with Umapani Female II in particular although has been know to mate with other tigresses as well.
These tiger profiles have been brought to you after the painstaking work of Matt Pentecost with a host of park experts, guides, visitors and lodge owners. They included Tarun Bhati, Jehan Bhujwala and Eric D’Cunha, together with Vinod Ayam, Ashish Bais, Rajan Gurung, Kaustabh Mulay, Rahim, Nan Singh and Ashok. Chandrabal Singh (aka Ben) also contributed much.
Credits: Tiger Nation


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