UPDATE 10-03-2014 – MELANI – a living miracle tiger girl

Melani marzo 2014

An opportunity to MELANI

UPDATE – An opportunity to MELANI

Melani – Progress of the Miracle Sumatran Tiger – Cee4life 2014

Melani – With all the ugliness of humans going on regarding the Surabaya Zoo, it is always a delightful breath of fresh air to talk about the lovely miracle called Melani.

She is the funniest girl now Her personality is coming out alot more, not only with her tiger characteristics showing more, but also her playful and clever side.

In Melani’s food, she not only gets her formula, but she also gets some of her medicines. One of them has to be hidden inside the chicken. Its a little green tablet that she must take to aid with her digestion and she refuses to simply take it and eat it as the taste is just not what a tiger likes. So in order to get her to swallow her medicines tablet is rolled up in part of the chicken, and then you have to coach Melani to come and eat the chicken.

She is so bright now that she actually see’s what piece of meat that you are putting it in and will refuse to eat that piece!! So now, before her food is brought in, the tablet is hidden in the meat, outside of her enclosure so she doesnt see.

You have to try and trick her into eating it because she will sit there and look carefully at the meat and try and smell it, to see if the tablet is there. She is cheeky lol

Luckily, with her heightened appetite now, she sort of gives up on trying to find the tablet because she just wants her food really fast!

Melani has always preferred to have her food fed to her by hand. It is just what she was used to and what she reacts positively with.

But I got to say that Im happy to have all my fingers!!! She is so gentle but there are some close calls. For example – I was trying to feed her some chicken with the tablet hidden in there and she was so very hungry that she chomped the chicken in half out of my hands. I held onto the other piece and she swung back fast was on top of it, I saw her teeth coming so I dropped the meat and felt her K9’s skim by my finger!! I think she thought I was going to take it away!
But still against other tigers eating, Melani is so very gentle.

As mentioned in the interview with Dr Broughton, one of Melani’s Vets, this dear tiger girl has an enormous appetite now, but still her internal absorption process is nearly non existent. That is because of the poisoning from the formaldehyde she was fed in Surabaya Zoo . Its damaged her severely, and it will be a very very long road to her absorption increasing, if ever. She will always be a little tiger. Sadly, the poisoning damaged her so that she will never be able to have cubs either. xo

But with all these things that she has endured, and all the hurdles that she has overcome over the months, she is a living miracle to be alive today.

Her face smiles it really does She chuffs and lowers her pretty eyes when she see’s you, she has long eye lashes, and such very long pretty whiskers

Its still raining alot in Bogor (Bogor is called the rain city as it rains basically every day), but Melani does get out on the sunshine and the grass now.

We are waiting for the sun to shine long enough for this angel girl to walk outside again without being soaked with rain. That will be a most awesome day

And I promise to post that photo up as soon as it happens

When you think back on what has happened to her, the many years of abuse she endured, then the poisoning with no aid given to her. The 20 hour journey she had to endure to get her to safety, her very very close to death experience, and then over all these months, even when she was so very sick, she still showed affection to humans, in her weakest moments. Oh this girl…. I wish that everyone could meet her and know just how precious she is.

Not just because she is a critically endangered sumatran tiger, or that she has struggled back from deaths door, but because of her soul, her beautiful beautiful soul. The soul of Melani is like nothing that can be explained, except by imaging the most beautiful light and warmth that ever touched your being xoxo

Here is the pretty girl just after she had been fed. It was cold and rainy and she jumped up under her heat lamp to warm up again. Her blue/green eyes are calm, she is content, she is loved, she is a miracle. xoxo ~ Sybelle

Credits: CEE4Life


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