Where is Wakeeta’s only surviving cub? By Kay Tiwari

Is he the sole surviving cub of Wakeeta' last litter (c) Christina Habets-Little
Is he the sole surviving cub of Wakeeta’ last litter (c) Christina Habets-Little

Wakeeta, a petite tigress, lies behind cover of  fruit bearing bushes favoured by langur monkeys close to the sandy track. She has a sambar meal to occupy her time and is enjoying her feast.

The worrying aspect in her dining is the lack of her fourth and only surviving male cub.  Has it survived the ravages of his mother’s battles with marauding young tigers.

Having finished tearing flesh from the mangled carcass, she concludes her meal by licks her paws clean and then tidying up her coat in the same precise way, before lying down to doze nearby for a while. This meal will not last long, but it would fill her belly and that of her son for a day, with merely a scattering of  bones by next morning left for the mongoose and noisy crows.

For weeks now few have seen this mother and son pair together, not even their paw prints and the worry continues that poor Wakeeta has now lost her entire last litter as her distant cousin Yoshila did not so long ago in Magdhi.

Later Wakeeta’s delicate footprints lie in the sand at the edge of the road as she tracks off towards Ghorademon and her favourite resting places, but no youngster’s footprints indicate that her son has been at his mother’s side.

Credits: Tiger Nation


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