Melani – Progress of the Miracle Sumatran Tiger – Cee4life 2014

Melani 15oct2013

Melani is a 15 year old, critically endangered, female Sumatran Tiger. As a cub, her mother rejected her in Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia and Melani was then raised by humans, fed on incorrect milk which impacted her growth. She was disadvantaged from birth. At the age of 10, Melani was fed meat tainted with the chemical formaline. Formalin is a a killer poison. The other 3 tigers fed the same meat, died. Melani survived, but was slowly starving to death. She was hidden away from the public in a dungeon where no one would see. But we saw. On 25th June 2013, Melani was rescued and rehomed at Taman Safari Bogor where she began her rehabilitation.
This is an update on her progress up to January 2014.

An opportunity to MELANI

Melani’s Story – (pronounced – Mel-arrni) Melani was born in 1998 and was hand raised by a variety of keepers at Surabaya Zoo. As Melani grew older and the zoo’s internal conflict increased, the care of the Surabaya animals decreased. …Read more

UPDATE – An opportunity to MELANI

A special thanks to Cee4life and Sybelle Foxcroft Senior – Conservation & Environmental Education Officer/Director  for allowing us to use their images. It was a great help and I appreciate it immensely. An opportunity to MELANI – 14/10/2013 Melani Update November 2013 – Pray – Our …Read More

Cry of the Tiger – Foreign Correspondent

Broadcast: 19/11/2013 Reporter: George Roberts Just skin and bones, Melani the Sumatran Tigress teeters towards death and then somehow stumbles back to life. She’s become a tragic and disturbing example of what can happen to a majestic animal in the …Read More


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