Why Polar Bears Don’t Hibernate

Many different types of species hibernate, and they all do it a little bit differently. Trace explains why polar bears don’t need to hibernate, and also explains how hibernation works in a few different species.
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Why Polar Bears Don’t Need To Hibernate
“Brown and black bears hibernate during winter to conserve energy and stay warm. But the same isn’t true for polar bears.”Polar Bears Exhibit Genome-Wide Signatures of Bioenergetic Adaptation to Life in the Arctic Environment
“Polar bears (Ursus maritimus) face extremely cold temperatures and periods of fasting, which might result in more severe energetic challenges than those experienced by their sister species, the brown bear (U. arctos).”How Hibernation Works
“Every living animal on Earth is burning energy all the time.”Hibernation and Denning
“Hibernation. Polar bears do not overwinter in dens like brown and black bears.”

The Great “Do Bears Hibernate?” Debate
“Bears hibernate. They spend all year eating salmon, blueberries, and picnic baskets and then, sometime around baseball playoffs, they all wander to a cave full of treasure and explorers’ skulls where they curl up in a big furry ball and snore away the winter.”Polar and brown bear genomes reveal ancient admixture and demographic footprints of past climate change
“Polar bears (PBs) are superbly adapted to the extreme Arctic environment and have become emblematic of the threat to biodiversity from global climate change.”Watch More:
Make an Origami Bear
TestTube Wild Card
Why Zoos Kill Animals



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