The dangerous young pretender by Kay Tiwari

Pushpraj - The young pretender with an eye to the main chance (c) Satyendra T
Pushpraj – The young pretender with an eye to the main chance (c) Satyendra T

A young pretender is elusive and introvert, broody and antisocial, but increasingly dangerous and aggressive. As a youngster he preferred his own company to those of his siblings and the henpecking of his mother. He never really liked his brother Kanvar and was often seen snarling at him as he preferred to spent time in the company of pretty sister Ananti.

Pushpraj today walks with a swagger, confident and assured as he strolls through the tangled and twisted branches of strangler vines that their sal tree hosts give succour too near Dabrua junction. Pushpraj spots a small herd of spotted deer ahead and stops and crouches to evaluate his position before a sharp eyed deer spots him and barks in alarm. His cover now blow, neither he nor the alerted deer take much notice of each other as Pushpraj continue his onward journey.

Now fully mature at three year’s old, Pushpraj is muscular and well toned, and is now sporting a couple of cuts on his muzzle, probably earned during a recent conflict with his father Shashi or perhaps from his mother Wakeeta trying to keep her eldest son from her latest brood, his half-brothers. How many fights this young braveheart has won is uncertain but he is making his mark and increasingly growing in influence.

While Pushpraj’s swagger and confidence grows it seems his father Shashi’s is on the decline. Could it be far sooner than expected that this young blade, moves from being called ‘the son of a flower’ to becoming the ‘King of Flowers’ in Bandhavgarh’s famed Tala range.

Pushpraj meanwhile sits on a small hillock and stares out across the rolling landscape that he now desires to call his own. It’s a familiar place, not only his birthplace and also home of both his mother Wakeeta (Banbehi ) and his aunt Tulsi (Mirchani) and both know him now for his ruthlessness and his persistence.

Is history repeating itself so soon?

Credits: Tiger Nation



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