Tigers in the Sal Forest

Posted in Other Wildlife Sounds, Soundscapes

The roars from two Bengal Tigers reverberate through the Sal forest in Nepal’s Bardia National Park.

This is an excerpt from the album “A Day in Bardia” which was released just over 12 months ago. However, on a more recent trip to Nepal I recorded these tigers and decided to remaster the album to include this evocative soundscape. The album is now 63 minutes long and consists of 11 tracks taking a sound journey through the various habitats in Bardia.

nepal_02157_500px_copyrightCredits: Marc Anderson

FNQ0804I’m a sound recordist and photographer based in Sydney, Australia. To stand in a tropical rainforest at dusk, surrounded by a living orchestra of wildlife, is awe-inspiring. Sitting by a tranquil stream at dawn and listening to the chorus as the birds awaken is incredibly peaceful and calming. Wild Ambience is a project aimed at sharing these experiences – Marc Anderson



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