Sierra – the tigress


In 2010, The Wildcat Sanctuary accepted nine cats as part of a big cat rescue from The Wild Animal Orphanage in Texas after it shut down due to lack of funding.

Sierra was born in 2000 and originated from an exploitative breeder in Ohio, along with another tiger, Ekaterina.  Sierra, is a white tiger.  Learn the truth about white tigers here. This breeder charged the public to pet and have photos taken with adult lions and tigers that were declawed and chained down to a platform.  The breeder was eventually closed down after multiple allegations of animal attacks on visitors. Sierra and Ekaterina were featured in this investigative report by 20/20.  The Wildcat Sanctuary originally offered a home to Ekaterina and Sierra, however they were placed at Wild Animal Orphanage.  So after WAO’s closing, here they are today, finally able to call The Wildcat Sanctuary forever home.

Sierra is a very relaxed cat, she enjoys curling up in her hammock and taking a long nap in the sun.  She can get a little frisky though for a new toy, especially for her tug toy.  She also likes stalking Ekaterina from inside her pool.  She’ll put her ears down and wait until Ekaterina is just close enough, then charge out of the pool and run around chasing her.

You can help provide daily care for Sierra by becoming her sponsor.  You generosity will be greatly appreciated.


Credits: The Wildcat Sanctuary


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