All I want for 2014. Is it too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask? (c) Chandrabhal Singh
Is it too much to ask? (c) Chandrabhal Singh

By Julian Matthews


A bucketful more love; for the planet and all its creatures, and a recognition we have to share this wondrous, single, freewheeling, spinning lump of rock, with all the other flora and fauna who are also dependent on it. We are not alone and we cannot exist without it.


A shedload more vision; to recognise that we can all learn from others and that to save our species (and tigers), we will need to look for solutions that are not immediately obvious, may face what seem like unsurmountable challenges but may already be out there and working.


A boatload more partnerships. No one man, one authority or one government can save a species like the tiger. It’s a joint effort, with joint cooperation and partnerships with all communities who have a stake-hold in its survival.


A battalion full more forest guardians. Well trained, well paid and motivated forest guards (or even guardians). Is it be too hard to envisage a new government in 2014 who will enhance the protection efforts across India, fill the thousands of vacant posts and give them the training, backing and motivation to save their forests and wildlife?


Less speed. With better planning, better coordination and a more inclusive approach to conservation, it may well be possible to stop the rapid degradation of India’s forest cover and reverse the decline of biodiversity outside the few well protected parks and sanctuaries. There is no time to lose!

Is it too much to ask for in 2014?

Credits: Tiger Nation



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