World’s cruellest zoo – Indonesia Surabaya Zoo

Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action – Cee4life

1507668_497088900405677_1776651526_nThe severe case of the horrendous neglect of the Surabaya Zoo animals in Indonesia has been tediously going on for years.  It has come to the point now where all neglect, abuse and diseases causing multiple deaths is known world wide, yet still nothing of substance is being done to allow professional aid to these animals.Additionally, the ongoing internal conflict of the zoo management along with the unprofessional management by political elements show that it is clear that the animals these people are deemed to care for and protect, are prioritised last.  The neglect and abuse goes on.

This petition address’s 3 issues..

1. To implore and urge the President of Indonesia, the Minister of Forests Indonesia, the Health Minister of Indonesia and the Mayor of Surabaya Indonesia, to end the animals suffering by allowing the implementation of professional aid into Surabaya Zoo

2. For the President of Indonesia and the Minister of Forests to step in and end the internal conflict with management inside Surabaya Zoo, and end the political elements involved in Surabaya Zoo, which are the sole reason for the severe stagnation of all animal welfare and the continued and heightened neglect of the Surabaya Zoo Animals.

3. To implore the Minister of Health to address the disease aspect of Surabaya Zoo, due to the contagious-to-humans Tuberculosis and Hepatitis prevelant within the zoo, and as an Occupational Health and Safety threat to both humans and animals, which in worst case scenario could result in innocent tourists being contaminated, or an outbreak.

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  • More than 50 animals have died in the last three months at Indonesia’s Surayaba Zoo, a former keeper has claimed
  • One giraffe died last year with 20kg of plastic bags in its stomach after they blew into its cage and weren’t cleared
  • In another case, a Sumatran tiger’s digestive tract rotted away after it was routinely fed formaldehyde-laced meat
  • A Zoo spokesman defended the attraction, branded the worst in the world, but admitted: ‘We also have issues’


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