Liligers – What are Liligers?

As sad as the video above is, it isn’t even as bad as the places that use the cubs for petting and photo sessions because those cubs are taken from their mothers shortly after birth and denied the protective love their mothers would try to give them, as this one who was filmed at a zoo.

They are a money making scheme promoted by some of what we believe to be the world’s worst big cat exploiters.

First it was this guy promoting Ligers.

Then it was his friend, Joe Exotic, who tried to out-do him by continuing the cross breeding of ligers and lions to make, what he calls Liligers.  He’s made up some other ridiculous names, such as WaLiligers as well, but it’s all the same.  It is just the cross breeding of big cats to get attention and so that they can charge for pay to play sessions.

The question that reporters should be asking is, “Why is Joe Schreibvogel breeding more big mouths to feed when he is already in bankruptcy?” An Internet search on his name would have brought up where all of the facts are laid out about this backyard breeder. As for condoning hybridization of big cats, no respectable zoo does it, no legitimate scientist condones it for conservation, so why does the media promote it?

Liger-LiLiger-Laliger-cubs-500x279Credits: Big Cat Rescue

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