Jhumaroo – the father of the park Ranthambore

normal_n1498258299_30306232_5761143Jhumaroo (T20) is Ranthambhore’s oldest male. If his mother, the famous Machali, is the grandmother of the park, Jhumaroo is the father of the park, with a dynasty unequalled today – fathering at least 18 descendants with four known tigresses and still going!

He is very seldom seen today as lives outside the tourism zones. He has been in real trouble recently injuring two villagers outside the park.

Jhumaroo (T20) the culprit, who was in a village yesterday, injuring two people. He's home now. (c) 2012
Jhumaroo (T20) the culprit, who was in a village yesterday, injuring two people. He’s home now. (c) 2012

Jhumaroo and sister Jhumari where born in May 2002, and grew up under the watchful eye of their mother Machali in the glorious lakes and fort area of the park. They were her second litter.

We first saw the family of three cubs on the 30th of June (the day before Ranthambhore closed for the monsoon season) in the Nalghati valley. Though prime hunting ground, it also meant that Jhumaroo and Jhumari had to get used to the streams of visitors that were forever watching them as they grew up.

Machali was carrying one softly in her mouth and the other two were following behind their mother. However, oneof these cubs did not survive and when Ranthambhore reopened for visitors in October that year there were now only two cubs left. By the monsoon season of 2004 the cubs had separated from their mother, but not before Machali had taught her son the art of killing crocodiles – a very unusual behavior. Sadly sister Jhumari was never seen again andit is thought she did not last the separation with her mother after Machali’s next litter.

By 2005 Jhumaroo, though still young, had taken over the Lahpur area of the park, rich with wildlife. At a timewhen poaching was rife in the park the resident male tiger had been poached and Jhumaroo had the opportunity to rise to power. Here he happily settled and over the last 6 years has enjoyed all the riches that the area affords without the visitor hassle just over the hill to the west. Females that have fallen for his charms include Jaisingpura (T26), Lahpur Nagdi (T22), the Gilai Sagar tigress (T27) and Indala with her three cubs.

3In Mid July he wandered into a village in the Kandar area, eastern borders, outside the park, probably looking for food, and seriously injured one villager. The remaining villagers pelted stones at him, and in the melee, a further villager was hurt.

The parks department tranquilised him and returned him to his home range.

4We hope he has learnt a lesson here.

Credits: Tiger Nation


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