Behind the Cloak of Buddha – Cee4life. . . .and here we are 2013, still the cruelty continues!

In 1994 a Buddhist Temple was founded in Thailand. It would become one of the most well known tourist attractions for public tourism Tiger petting in the world. But it hid a terrible secret. It would also come to be known as one of the most infamous wildlife trading and abusive facilty in the world for tigers. After an under cover investigation was conducted throughout 2007, a plethora of evidence of abuse & trades, rampant breeding, this place goes on, all in the name of greed and tourism.
Sybelle Foxcroft was an undercover investigator who exposed this. After the Thai Government and no conservation agency moved on this violent place, Sybelle continued to go into the temple and investigate herself with her conservation organisation, Cee4life (Conservation and Environmental Education 4 Life)

In 2011, she released the book ‘Behind the Cloak of Buddha’ which chronicles the lives of these tigers. They will never have lived their lives in vain.


Behind the Cloak of Buddha Volume 1 is Still Available for you through Amazon. 

We are so pleased to say that now it is Available in the UK, USA, all of Europe, Various Book Shops across Asia, India, Africa and where Amazon is Available :).

The RECOGNITION of Sybelle’s Book, across the Globe is Wonderful as it Continues to Spread Awareness and Tell the Story of The Tigers Within the Temple from the Past, the Present, and for Those who do not yet know that their “Fate” will be bringing them to the “Place” we all have Become Very Familiar with……………..”Thailand’s Tiger Temple”

For Those of you who have not Read the Book. I hope one day it Ends up on your Lap, as I guarantee you, it will be a Book that will Stay in front of your Library Collection,  A Book that you will want everyone you know to Read…A Book that will Take you on a Journey that however hard it will be to read the “Reality” of what happens at the Temple,  it will also be a Book that at the Same time – will leave you Wishing, that as you turn the “Last Page” – it was not done…………………….

“You somehow through Sybelle, make a Wonderful Connection with Each Tiger she introduces you to, and as you Experience their Lives through her words, no matter how many times you Cry, and rejoice, and then Cry again – you somehow feel a terrible Void after you Close this book, as Somehow and in Someway, it is like if you stop reading, then you stop knowing how The Tigers of the Temple are…. and You do NOT want to let them go”…..

I look forward, and have been anxiously waiting for Volume 2 since I put down Volume 1 of “BEHIND THE CLOAK OF BUDDHA. Dawnxo


* BEHIND THE CLOAK OF BUDDHA VOLUME ONE -A True Story of Animal and Human Endurance:

Behind the Cloak of Buddha is the True Story about a group of Captive Tigers subjected to a Lifetime of Abuse and Wildlife Trade,  and of a woman’s fight to bring Justice and Peace to their lives.

Set in the seemingly idyllic surrounds of a Thai Buddhist Temple, this landmark book lifts the Lid on the “Hidden Atrocities” that species are subjected to for GREED and confirms the Enduring Spirit of both Human and Animal……(from

Behind the Cloak of Buddha)

If you love animals, then you NEED to Read this Book.  The Truth will hurt, the Truth will uplift you,  the Truth will allow you to walk with this Mighty Tigers, and the Truth will make you be their Voice.  I wrote this book from my heart to be Their Voice and to ensure that their Lives were never in Vain.  Never Give Up xoxo Sybelle.”

 Available through Amazon at :

For Those of you Who have read the First Volume, I am positive you are Waiting for the Second Volume like the Rest of us Are.  For those of you who have not read it yet. Sybelle has graciously given us a Very small Glimpse once again , inside her heart, her soul and Inside Tiger Temple.

*Chapter 1 – Faith – Extract from BEHIND THE CLOAK OF BUDDHA VOLUME TWO

 “By late 2009, it had become obvious that the Department of National Parks(DNP), Thailand or any other authority or conservation organization wasn’t interested in addressing the Tiger Temple for wildlife trade.  The massive amounts of information and evidence meant nothing. Thrown out the window, because of the agenda of all that were trusted to do their job.

With various contacts and personal within the Temple either leaving or being thrown out, the information was becoming difficult to get. However, patience is a virtue (but bloody frustrating!) and persistence sometimes pays off.

Worry, grief and a slow rotting of my happiness had stepped into my life and had made itself comfortable. It had destroyed various relationships I had, and had interfered in my work. My health suffered in the way that my nerves were so damaged, there were times that I didnt think I would pull out of the tail spin I was in. The dark cruel truth was that all of the life threatening risks, all of the evidence, meant nothing.  The tigers meant nothing to the CA (Conservation Agency), Mr Wanhke, Gary, the DNP or anyone else who was in a position to stop the horror.

Do I believe in monsters? Yes. The monsters are real.  But they are not the make believe dragons breathing fire, they are not the dark shaddows on your walls at night, they are not the scary creature hiding in your cupboard you swore was there as a child.  In this realm, they were alive and were clothed in official uniforms, they were sitting behind a CA desk, and they were dressed in orange saffron robes.

“Insanity, just take me now”, I begged.

Around in my skewed mind, images of the abuse on the tigers continued to play like a film.

Night time was the hardest.

By day I was a fluent speaking machine who could keep the demons at bay (just) and rattle off hours of information on the tiger trade while speaking to anyone. By night I let the sorrow take me over as I succumbed to the enormous pressure to remain sane by day.

On 25th Dec 2009, I received the news that the viciously abused long suffering “beloved son” of the Abbot, had finally taken his last breath.  Phayru was gone. He died in agonizing pain after 2 1/2 years of severe and unequivicable neglect and abuse.

The tearing crushing combination of sorrow and anger clawed at me so relentlessly, I physically felt my heart beat fribillate.  Was this the end of me? Was my heart going to just stop?  I knew very well that people can die of sadness. Was this the way it was going to be for me?  I grabbed at my chest and tried to breathe evenly, the blood pulsed in my neck and I felt sick and then faint, I sat down on the floor.

My family were down the hall way, I couldn’t be found like this.

“Breathe”, I told myself.

“Use your mind’ I told myself.

“Breathe you idiot, what are you doing” I said out loud, and then the tears fell out of my eyes like rain.

The little light that quietly kept burning in the corner of my soul came to my rescue.

The usual film of abuses had stopped and there in my mind sat the vision of Phayru staring at me in the canyon.  His gaze didnt shift.

Something had taken my memory back to the last time I saw him. I had sat with Phayru through many hours of his agony, and his extraordinary dignity. That day, that I could see now so clearly in my mind, was the day that he was forced to walk in such pain, no animal or human should have to endure, down to the canyon for the tourists.  He was close to death and mercy was never going to find him.  He would endure every ugly barb of pain until the end.  During the months that I had sat with him in his hell, not once did he show any aggression towards me. When the ripping titan cramps came he only moaned, I could only stroke his head and face and cry with him. But this day, he lay down in the muddy water at the end of the canyon, and he gazed at me, never shifting his eyes.

When I finally met his stare I couldn’t look away.  Everything around me stopped. I couldn’t hear the tourists or see anything else.  Phayru was silently talking in the only way he could.

It was a stare that was absolutely shattering. All at once his pain, his grace, his agony, his dignity, his longing, his majesty, his sorrow, his might, everything was in those eyes and they were fixed on me.

What was happening? What was he trying to say?

This gaze went on for about 2 minutes, that’s a long time for tiger to stare into a humans eyes. TSW had asked me things, I mumbled out responses, a few tourists looked in the direction I was looking and said nothing, probably thinking I was a weirdo.

And then Phayru held his head high, still staring and then lowered it and grimaced as obvious pain shot through him. He finally turned his head away.

In those moments, an immense feeling had come over me. It was as if I had just had an extraordinary enlightening moment, one of those “one of a kind” moments that happen in life. This tiger gave me something through his eyes that I could not explain, but I knew it was a precious moment to hold forever. If extra sensory perception exists between human and animal, then it felt like Phayru was acknowledging me somehow, but also saying goodbye, however giving a message of strength and dignity.

At the time I couldn’t find any words to describe it, so I didn’t tell anyone about it. It wasn’t until later that I tried to think what all of those things together meant. The agonized stare combined with his kind soul filled eyes. My very human heart came to one answer. I know he knew he was dying, his look was one of majesty, one that not any amount of abuse or cruelty could take from him. He would continue to endure and he knew it, that is all he knew. But he would always win.  His mighty soul survived, he retained the ability to still show affection and love the small kindness’s he received. He was Tiger, he would always have magnificent Faith in himself. It was a most powerful experience.

‘Breathe be calm”, I repeated now as I stared up at the email news of his passing. I began to calm down and closed my eyes.

And there gazing at me in my memory, through the viel of his death, was his beautiful face again. His knowing eyes, his pain and his dignity. This was the mighty Phayru the last time I saw him.

I got up and sat in the chair, Phayru’s gaze clearly in my mind, I began to type the announcement of his death. Calm but filled with sorrow, my heart beat normally as I wrote a tigers eulogy that would never be read out loud.

The Temple had not announced his death, this beloved son who gave so much and suffered so much, left this earth without so much as a message from the Temple. I attached a photograph of his gazing eyes at me in the canyon that last time.

I hit the enter button and let the world know of this mighty boys passing then leaned back in my chair.  I breathed calmly again, my anxiety attack was over, my decision was made, I was going back.

The CA’s investigation was closed, it was over.  There was only one thing to do.  Go back and give these creatures what they deserved. A voice.

After much planning, in 2010, I would head back into the darkness of the Temple. But this time, Michelle Cogley and Ben Noonan, would be there too.


. . .and here we are 2013, still the cruelty continues!

1470000_547616338663723_1504016042_nThe Tiger Temple claims it is breeding its Tigers for ‘conservation’. This is untrue, sadly these beautiful innocent lives will never be able to contribute to conservation of the true wild Tigers due to the mutations from inbreeding over the last 13 years. They are ONLY bred for the tourist dollar, that is fact, that is the truth.

Credits: Cee4Life, Sybelle Foxcroft, Donna Reynolds



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