The Truth About Tigons

Foto tomada de Saber curioso
Photo: Saber curioso

I understand that this is a controversial topic. YES, some are healthy and even outlive their parents, HOWEVER, this video addresses issues regarding the majority of ligers which are unhealthy due to genetic defects caused by hybridization. All information here comes from credible sources (AKA not exploiters of ligers, but rather unbiased reports). Wether you belive in the scientific aspect of the cruelty or not, these animals are “showcase” animals. They are exploited and often kept in poor conditions as most live in roadside or unregulated facilities. Some, though rare, are well cared for, I am not denying that, but they are stull bred for exploitation, NOT conservation like many claim. Those who breed them will often decieve the public by using their liger to try and disprove claims of cruelty through lies and false information. It is a free country and you are free to choose what to believe, however, this is cruelty. Yes, they are beautiful but don’t you think they deserv better than being a tool for man kind’s exploitation?
Thank you for taking the time to read this and watch the video.

Yes, ligers and tigons are real. While less common than the liger, tigons are also bred for lives of exploitation as money makers. Whiles there are differences between them, they share most of the same health problems due to the incomplete DNA and are bred for the same reasons: Money and Greed.

Unfortunately, the people breeding ligers and tigons lie about their problems. This is because they use them as money makers and if people knew the truth, they would not pay to see them. One of the most famous exploiters has over 100 violations of the animal welfare act and works at an unaccredited facility. He lies to the public so he can gain public support. It is a shame when a person in power uses lies to con people into supporting him. You choose who you want to believe, accredited sanctuaries and zoos, or an animal abuser? (I cannot give his name out here, but if you like I can send it to you in a private message).

Fortunately there are many organizations now speaking out about this horrible breeding, and leading the public to being educated about this issue. Many animal sanctuaries, and even some zoos are now taking steps to educate about the cruelties of this breeding.

I care very much about this issue because I do not believe animals should be bred to suffer such health problems and live for exploitation purposes. Most do not live past the first 12 weeks. It saddens me to know that some people can take advantage of animals so easily.

The tigons in this video were rescued from a circus by the National Zoo in Canberra. The National Zoo in Canberra is very much against this breeding for the reasons stated in the video. They, along with Steve J, provided the pictures for this video.

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If you agree with this message, please consider sharing this video so others can learn of this horrible practice as well.


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