Animal (un)attraction: New TV show unmasks the planet’s ugliest creatures

It is the most bizarre collection of animals you’re ever likely to see – and with some who redefine the term ‘a face only a mother could love’.

National Geographic Wild is launching a new TV show called ‘Freaks and Creeps’ dedicated to nature’s very own weirdos and oddballs.

Explorer and zoologist Lucy Cooke has scoured the globe for the show.

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The Naked Mole Rat, a Kenyan native, was selected as one of the oddest looking animals by the show’s producers.
The vulture was also among the ugliest animals chosen by the team
Pangolins are scaly anteaters found in Asia and Africa
Proboscis monkeys boast enormous potbellies and a colourful penis
The infamous Tasmanian devil has one of the strongest jaws in the animal kingdom
Lake Titicaca Frog showing extensive skin folds which help with oxygen absorption
Threat display by the Golden brown baboon spider
The Caribbean-dwelling Solenodon looks like a ginger rat with a long nose
Aye-aye lemur is complete with huge ears, a bushy tail, a long shaggy coat, rodent-like teeth and a skeletal ‘probe-like’ middle finger
The saiga antelope is a critically endangered mammal found in parts of the Siberian steppe and parts of Kazakhstan
Freaks and Creeps presenter Lucy Cooke pictured in Borneo, with a probiscus monkey.


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